Friday, February 12, 2010

February 9, 2010 12:00 AM

Hello friends,
     I don't remember the little boys' name, but the book was titled, " (Alexander, I think) and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good Very Bad Day", - this was our day today.  Micah did not keep much of anything down today and I was an emotional basket case, the two do not go well together.  It was a long, hard day and I'm glad it's over (well almost, Micah is not asleep yet).  Kudos to my husband that came home a little early to help me out and of course the kids.  Also many thanks to those friends that came or called with timely encouragement.  We ended the day by watching the film "Faith Like Potatoes", if you haven't seen it you really should.  

Feb. 11th      12:00  AM
      Well, the last two days have been much better than the previously mentioned one.  We've all been calmer and Micah has been happier.  I believe that he had some congestion that day and that is was preceded by a bad headache.  I had noticed that he had not been as happy as before, but thought that maybe he was getting bored with the house and routine around him.  It is so difficult to know, since we really don't have any consistent way to communicate yet.  He has the last couple of days gotten better at using his eyes to answer us, we just have to know what to ask.  Since he was using his eyes today, I would ask him to look at some specific thing or person to answer yes.  When I asked if he had a headache his eyes didn't move.  When I asked if he had a headache yesterday he immediately looked at the thing I asked him to look at.  Pray for us that Micah will continue to use his eyes to talk to us and also that he will start to talk.  He has gotten a lot more noisy since we brought him home and if he could start making noises consistently to communicate then words wouldn't be far away.  Some of the nurses told me that when he didn't feel well he would say, "mom".  Oh, what I would give to hear that myself!  We keep praying and claiming the promises and words spoken over Micah from his birth.  Thank you all for praying for us, we couldn't have made it this far without those prayers!  
PS - I forgot, Micah lost yet another tooth yesterday : ( due to grinding.   Not sure if it was a permanent one or not.


  1. What patience and endurance you ALL have!! What a blessing! I will continue to pray for each of you.
    Your JEA friend,

  2. So glad that yall have made it home! The nurses in the PCCU still ask me how Micah is doing. He's a special little guy! Thinking and praying for you guys as you settle in at home.
    Love, Beth Crockarell

  3. Have ya'll thought about the star center for help with communication? karen sykes

  4. Tina,
    I hope you guys keep posting. This helps me to pray more specific.
    My heart goes out to you. I know this is hard. I don't know what God has in store for you all, but even if Micah doesn't progress anymore, you will eventually learn to rejoice in some of the smallest things we take for granite. As I read, I know you have begun this process.

    With Samantha, we still have struggles, but lookig back at the last 22 yrs. God has done great things in her life. She overcame alot that others said she would not. It was through God leading us to the right people in very strange ways.
    He gets all the Glory. THe Drs. say I did a great job with her and that leads me to give my testimony to them at what God has done and how he led us all the way!

    I still stress and need God to help me through.

    God will always be there and I know it will become easier with time.

    I'm excited to see what God is going to do here. Through this God has already touched alot of lives.

    His Light is shining through you.
    Love you and your Family!!
    Janie Brenning