Wednesday, February 17, 2010

February 17, 2010 2:45 PM

Hello friends,
     I pray that this blog finds each of you doing well.  We are enjoying our last few days with Thomas' parents here.  They will leave on Friday afternoon to go to PA to spend some time with their daughter and her family and we will miss them.  We have been having some concentrated prayer time for the family before they leave. 
     Micah has been doing well the last few days.  We took him to meet his Dr. and a couple of therapists yesterday and I got the okay to start weaning him off of his med that helps with sleep.  Last night he got half of his normal dose and slept wonderfully so we will continue this for a few days and then hopefully get him completely off of it.  He is also on several meds to help move things through the intestines.  We are praying that we can reduce them and eventually get him off of them.  The reason for them is that his pump med is a muscle relaxer and it relaxes muscle.  The St. Louis Dr. said that this problem would get better in time.  We don't want to have him on any more medicine than is absolutely necessary so your prayers are appreciated.  
      The rest of us are doing well and the kids have been great help and entertainment with Micah.  God has truly blessed me with these children, I can't imagine not having even one of them.  God is changing all of us during this time and challenging us and it is our prayer that you also are being challenged and changed into more of His image through you prayer time with Him. Blessings to each of you.
     Still believing the promises past & present,


  1. Tina,
    You are an insperation to me.. You have so much on your plate and you still have time to encourage others like me in being a new mom, and you have time to praise God and still give him your all.. I hope that I am more like you every day. I cry about little things, when you are going through so much more.. Your awesome. Love you

  2. Dear Tina,
    It was so wonderful to get to come and see you and your family last Friday!!! What I saw when I got to your house was so beautiful. I watched your Samuel do lots of funny antics to make Micah laugh and smile. I watched Elisabeth "tag team" with Samuel and when Samuel was not doing all the funny antics Elisabeth was taking over and making cute gestures and sounds that made Micah beam with joy over and over again. I watched Abagail get her mom coffee and help out around the house to serve her mom. I watched Josiah make Micah smile with pleasure and Daniel and Matthew make EVERYONE smile from ear to ear! And I watched Tina gently and lovingly care for Micah and speak loving and encouraging words to him over and over again. I watched Thomas come home for a quick bite of lunch and then help Tina with Micah. And I watched Thomas's mom and dad love on all of them and pray and share their hearts for Micah. It was a beautiful expression of Christ and I got to watch it and be in the middle of it for a few wonderful hours last Friday....who is like our God!!
    I love you all and I love how Christ life is shining out of all of you through your love for Micah and one another. Thank you for all your encouragement and love to all of us!