Thursday, July 29, 2010

July 28, 2010

Hello friends,
     Here I am again apologizing taking  so long in between blogs, oh well.  Micah is doing well, though he has been having some difficulty going to sleep this last week or so.  We resorted, on a few days, to giving him some of his leftover sleep meds.  We can only handle so many days of staying up til 2 or 3 in the morning!!  I took him to see hi TN Dr. on the 19th to get his stitches out and get his meds bumped up a bit more.  We are seeing some progress, but mostly on the left side.  He has a lot more control over his leg and arm and is quicker to respond with them.  The right side is still not moving much, but on the whole he is more relaxed on a regular basis.  The Dr. programmed his pump to increase its dose tomorrow so maybe we will see some change on the right side too.  My birthday was a few days ago and on that day Micah turned his head from left to right several times and also pulled his head up several times!  That was a great birthday present, but I haven't seen him do it since then.  We just keep praying.
     I have felt lately that I need to share more about how Thomas & I are doing, but haven't wanted to.  It's not that I don't want to be open, but more that I don't want it to seem like a pity party on line.  Trust me, we have plenty of those and they're usually not very pretty!  At the moment, we are doing well, but it usually doesn't take much to reduce us to tears.  We seem to take turns on the "doing badly" times, God is good.  A week or two ago I was having a really hard time.  I was crying every day and bedtime was difficult too.  I know that all we can do is depend on God and I do depend on Him greatly, but I had gotten to a place where I didn't want to spend time in His word.  The reason for this was because every time I did God would give me something that brought me hope, then progress for Micah is so slow that it was disappointing.  I'm thankful for every little thing he does and try to cheer him on, but when your hope is built up over and over and the answers you're looking for are not seen it is painful.  That is one sermon I have never heard about hope, the painful part of it.  What else can I do though?  I can't not believe, I know all too well how much God loves me and how much He loves Micah and wants the best for him.  It is a struggle to hold on to hope, to keep believing in what God has said again and again when you don't see the answer.  The easy thing to do is to just settle for what the world has to offer and let go of that hope, to let go of that pain. 
     A rose bud is a beautiful thing, but when the flower opens and lets the fragrance out it is so much more beautiful.  You do not get the full fragrance of the flower unless it opens.  If a rose had the choice of whether or not to open, it may choose to stay shut.  It could choose to stay a bud, but has to open to reach the fullness of its beauty.  In doing so it has to bear the sun, wind, rain and pests that go along with it.  
     This is how I see our walk with Christ.  We have to open ourselves up, even though it may bring us pain, so that we can be that fragrance of Christ that draws others to Him.  We've come too far with Him to not trust Him with everything.  Though at times we feel that we cannot go on we must trust that He knows our frames, our weaknesses, everything about us and He knows what we can bear.  It is much more than we think possible if we keep our hearts and minds stayed on Him.  I hope that this is an encouragement to those of you who are also struggling. 
Much love to you all and blessings from the Father,

Monday, July 12, 2010

July 12, 2010

Hello friends,
     So sorry for being away so long.  I did not have computer connections for most of the time that I was in MO & IL.  We ended up staying on longer as the Dr. wanted us to be near by in case there was a problem.  We stayed with my parents in IL until Micah reached 10 days post surgery, then went for a check up with the Dr.  and came home the following day.  Everything went well, the old catheter was removed and a new one placed in a different spot.  We do not know the full results yet as we are still tweaking the dose.  His Dr. cut his dose back by half so that there would be no chance of overdosing him.  He has bumped him up twice and we will go to the Franklin Dr. next week to get out stitches and most likely get the meds bumped up a little more.  We have noticed that Micah is moving himself more, but he is not any easier for us to move.  As far as medicine goes, this is the end of the road for Micah as there is really nothing else medically that can be done for him.  So, as from the beginning, he is in God's hands to do with as He pleases.  
     We got a chance to stop by Ranken Jordan while in St. Louis and see a few of our friends there for a few minutes and also took Micah to do a bit of shopping with us.  He enjoys getting to do more than go to the doctor or church!  
     Yesterday Thomas picked Micah up to take him to his room and before leaving the room he spun Micah in circles and Micah laughed and laughed!  We do love to hear him laugh.  Another night we were getting him ready for bed and decided to stretch him out a bit.  He never likes this and tends to tense up a lot which only makes it harder.  On his own, he can almost put his left leg flat on the floor (I've only seen him do this since the surgery), but the right one he doesn't use much.  While we were stretching him his sister told him jokes and funny stories, every time he laughed his leg would go out more.  We ended up getting the right leg stretched farther than it has been in a long time.  "A merry heart doeth good like a medicine".
     Staying in IL was a bit challenging because Thomas was not there and my parents house, though bigger, did not have all the conveniences that we have here to help with Micah.  We took him downstairs to sleep one night, but when we carried him up the stairs the next morning we decided that once was enough and he would sleep upstairs the rest of the trip!!  
     By next Saturday I will once again have all of my children under one roof again!!  I'm really excited about that!  
     Oh, I almost forgot, Micah will have therapists coming to the house a couple of times a week starting tomorrow.  He most likely will not enjoy it, but it is good for him.  Also, he ate several bites of pancake yesterday.   That is more the type of therapy he likes!  Thanks for your prayers.