Sunday, February 21, 2010

February 20, 2010 11:30 PM

Hello friends,
     We had some friends over last night and were sharing with them a lot of things about the last several months and while talking with them I felt that I needed to share a part of our conversation with you.  This is stuff that has been in previous blogs, but I need to pull from the past and add some of the present so that you will get a picture of the situation and be encouraged as I was.  
     Back in September, right before being discharged from the PCCU (on our way to the regular floor) at Vandy we had a care conference with all the Drs. and therapists there.  What they told us basically was that what we saw in Micah then was what we were going to be stuck with and that it would not get better and would most likely get worse.  At that point, Micah sometimes would make eye contact (but usually not), he made no purposeful movement, he showed absolutely no emotion except pain once in a while, you get the picture... The Drs. actually told us that we should not go to the in-patient re-hab as they would do nothing for him.  
     Well, Micah's eyes miss nothing & he uses them to answer questions, he lifts his left leg to help every time we start to put on pants, socks, shoes, etc... and tries with the right, but it is harder for him to use, he will bump knuckles with his brothers, he laughs (at people, TV, jokes, etc...) smiles, cries, makes noise when he wants to get out of his room.....  I would say that he has already exceeded the Vandy Drs. expectations for him!  So for this, we thank the Lord because we know that God is not done with our son yet.  

"being confident of this very thing, that He who has begun a good work in you will complete it until the day of Jesus Christ; "  Philipians 1:6

     God is not done with any of us yet, thank goodness!  I'm glad to know that He is not going to leave me as I am, but is always leading me in a better way, raising me up to walk with Him and teaching me to know and do His will.  God has a purpose for each of us, and He is constantly drawing us towards that purpose.  Some things we are all called to do (love our brother & sisters, be a servant, etc...), but then we each have our own calling also and it is ours to fulfill and no one can do it for us.  We each must be confident in the Lord that He will not leave us without help, but will strengthen and give us all that we need to fulfill His purpose for our lives.  His work for you may not look or feel like anything you had in mind, but know this, He will complete His work in you dear one.


  1. I love that verse! Thank you for reminding me that God is not finished with me or any of us. I am also reminded that HE is doing the good work in us! As Joni Earikson-Tada says "We are all dirt poor in the sight of our LORD" What a mighty God we serve. Hope all are feeling better -and you don't get the bug. Love you all. Katy

  2. Thank you Tina once again for increasing our faith and belief in our Almighty God who is able to do exceedingly and abundantly above and beyond all that we ask or think.
    Wow...that is so awesome and encouraging about how far Micah has come!!! Who is like our God! "Some trust in chariots and some in horses but we will trust in the Lord our God!!
    Since visiting you almost 2 weeks ago, I have been telling everyone here in Rose Creek how much Micah can do and is doing and how receptive and communicative he is...I believe he will only get better and better...that is because He is surrounded by God's love 24;7 and God's love is the most powerful weapon on this earth!
    I love you guys! You are in our prayers every day.

  3. Praise God for His mercy endureth forever.


  4. That's so true, Tina. It's amazing how the Word of God becomes so real, when you actually go through something. Until then we do not feel the real intensity of the situation. Thanks for passing on what God has been teaching you through all this. I'm sure Micah is learning a lot too, even though he cannot express it fully.
    love & prayers,your sis Shanti

  5. We do praise and thank our good and Almighty God for all what He has done and is doing for Micah!We continue to pray for his complete recovery as He has promised..that one day he will be like prophet Micah to proclaim the Word of God in these Endtimes!!As we return to India soon we are confident that Micah and family are in the Good and Strong Hands of our God! Jesus never fails!! Mummy and Daddy.