Tuesday, March 2, 2010

March 2, 2010 10 AM

"He who refreshes others will himself be refreshed."     Proverbs 11:25

Hello friends,
     Sorry it's been so long since my last post.  Sometimes I just don't want to get on here and write and other times I simply can't.  I've had both of these "times" since the last post.  My excuses were that either I was feeling too emotional or too angry or I don't have time.....  My only good excuse was that for a period of 5 1/2 days we had some virus sweep through the entire family.  Micah and I were the last ones to get it.  I had to call in recruitments to help me.  A big thank you to those who came to help and to those of you (though you probably thought nothing of it at the time) brought us chicken soup!  Just what the doctor ordered.  If I haven't said it before, thank you all so much for taking time from your schedules to help us out with food or service.  It has all been very much appreciated.  That goes out to all of you from the beginning of this whole ordeal.  Julie, if you are reading this please pass this on to those wonderful co-op ladies in MO/IL whom I've never met.  Maybe one day I'll be able to thank them myself, but until then....  The bible verses throughout this note are promises for each of you, whether you are in need of refreshing or not.  When it's needed God will send it your way if you're faithful to refresh others (whether you feel like it or not).  Sometimes we need to be that refreshing source even when we feel like we should be on the receiving end.  What I'm finding out is that when we feel like we have nothing to give, that is the time that God wants us to give.  It will not only lift up those on the receiving end, but also those doing the giving.  
     We can be so fearful to share our struggles sometimes when that is the very thing needed to get us out of the despair that we feel.  There are many people that struggle with the same issues you do and when you share others will then begin to open up and share also.  This is particularly true among moms.  We can get so down on ourselves about how poorly we are doing as mothers that it is downright depressing.  I remember one day when I was feeling this way, I had gone to a friends house that I thought was the most wonderful, patient person I had ever met.  When I walked in she was really getting on to one of the kids & I felt so much better knowing that this great woman was not the "perfect" mom that I had set her up to be.  

"If you...satisfy the needs of the wretched...the Lord will satisfy your needs"   Isaiah 58:10-11

     Sometimes the person you need to refresh is someone that you don't want to give the time of day to, but they are created by God too.  It may be that the refreshing you give to them is what will change their hearts.  We are all wretched people at one time or another.  Don't think so highly of yourself that you can not help your brother in need.
     As for Micah, we went to meet his Dr. in Franklin yesterday.  This is the doc that will be taking care of his pump.  We both really liked him and he has set forth some things to take a look at and possibly change.  The first is a simple brand change in one of the meds for 1-1 1/2 wks. and if we see a change we keep it.  If not, we will wean Micah off of it and with that will go the med that is given to protect his stomach from the first one.
     The next thing to look at is the pump itself.  He wants to make sure that it is not leaking.  As I said before, we really have seen no difference in Micah since the surgery.  The first thing will be a contrast study (dye) done in Nashville to see if the catheter running from the pump to the spine is leaking.  If it is, it will be fixed.  If not, the next step is to do another test which would be done by the doc that put the pump in (St. Louis).  This would involve giving 2 doses (via spinal tap) of baclofen to Micah.  One in the morning and one in the evening to see if we see a difference in his tone.  This was done during the trial that he had before the pump was placed in him.  There was a very big difference in his tone at that time, but nothing since then which is why the doc is wondering if it is functioning properly.  If there is no progress after the spinal taps then we will know that Micah has built up a tolerance to the med and he will be weaned off and the pump removed.  We will keep you informed as to the times of these tests.  
     The rest of us are doing well and trying to get back into some sort of schedule around here.  Thank you for praying for us & please know that we are praying for you also.  

"Lord, be as the dew to me today, as You were to Israel, that I may flower like the lily" Hosea 14:5

                                                                                                                                                              Much Love & Blessings,


  1. Dearest Tina,
    just read your latest post on you all and Micah. What an encouragement you continue to be to us all. I do not think you will ever know the affect you are having on so many with your many words that build up our faith and your encouragement that strengthens our hearts. May our Father pour out His grace upon you all and encourage your hearts! Thank you, thank you, and a thousand times thank you for your faith and obedience to God...it calls us all higher and deeper for out of your pain you give life and strength to us weak, complaining folk who have no idea what "real pain" can feel like.

  2. Tina,
    We all love you guys! We think about you all and pray for you regularly. I sure wish I could be around to help out...I know at times it does get difficult. Thank God that we are all part of His kingdom and He is able to help us through our storms.
    You are so right when you were writing about being fearful of sharing struggles. God dealt with me about this in 2009. I can't remember the scripture reference right now, but Jesus became weak to win the weak!!! I think that is such an awesome passage. We must be humble and share our struggles with one another in order to be strengthened and encouraged by one another. And, of course, it will get the ball rolling and other feel more comfortable to be open.
    I love you all so much and am thankful for the short amount of time we were able to spend with you while in America. What a blessed family you all are!!! Can't wait to see you again :)

    Much love and prayers!