Tuesday, December 15, 2009

December 15, 2009 11:30 PM

Hi friends,
    Well, the rush is on.  Is everyone ready for Christmas?  My kids keep reminding me how many days are left.  Shopping here has been a whole new experience for me.  Each exit between the house and the hospital is like its own little town which creates a whole lot of choices.  I don't really like having too many because it is too hard to make a decision.  Focus, focus, focus.....  
    Micah had a good day today, busy, but good.  I only saw him late in the afternoon and stayed for a few hours with him.  He was very relaxed looking today and stayed that way the whole time I was there.  He usually wants to be moving the whole time I'm there also and gets really agitated when we stop for a bit.  Today, we sat and I talked to him for a while then read 2-3 chapters from a book that I had been reading to him.  He was calm and focused the whole time.  He is still not holding his head up, but is holding it more to the side now rather than down on his chest.
     The Dr. has him completely off of one of his previous meds and is down to a half dose on a second.  He will be off of his post surgery pain meds ( which have possibly been the cause of some vomiting lately) in about 2-3 days also.  The pump meds are up about halfway now.   His surgeon is coming tomorrow to take a look at him.
     One thing I would like you to pray for is that Micah would not get depressed.  I know that he understands what I say and that he gets frustrated when he can't get his body to do what he wants it to.  Some times I feel like he gets down and I am encouraging him to keep trying and not give up.   Sorry this is so short, but I think that all the latest news is here, it's late so I'm getting off.
Love you all!


  1. Believing and praying for a Christmas miracle!
    Love you all!!
    Mary, Dustin and Hanabanana

  2. Praying constantly for all of you.
    Much love to all the kids.


  3. I continue to pray for all of you!!!

  4. We are praying. I thank God for the times you all are encouraged and pray for His strength when you feel overwhelmed as though you can't go on. We will pray for Micah to remain determined to fight for recovery. God is faithful.