Monday, December 14, 2009

December 14, 2009 10:00 AM

Hello friends,
     Thomas & I just got back from the hospital and we had a very good visit with Micah.  He was very sad when I first walked up to him, but calmed down quickly and was happy.  We took the computer with us and Skyped with the kids at the house which he really liked.  He smiled a lot this evening.  He also used his left thumb to open a present that someone brought him today.  We started the paper tearing for him and got him to grip the corner and he pulled a little then realized that he was actually able to tear the paper and his whole expression changed.  It was a beautiful sight to see for the parents. He continued to pull until he got all the paper off and was very proud of himself.  
     We got an okay to take all of the kids inside for Sunday mornings so we will be able to have church together!  It is way too cold here to be having church outside anymore.  I think the most difficult part for Thomas & me is the balancing act of the kids.  They are all important, they all have feelings and they all want to be with us.  The kids have been great at the house, but I'm sure that they get tired of being there all the time.  They have grown closer to each other during this time, which has been good to see and I just keep praying for God to give them an extra measure of grace during this time.  I try to make sure to every week get the kids out and do something with them, but even that is hard.  Every time we take them out we're thinking how much Micah would like what we're doing and how much we want him there with us.  
     "My hope is built on nothing less
             than Jesus blood and righteousness.
          I dare not trust the sweetest frame,
    but wholly lean on Jesus name.
     On Christ the Solid Rock I stand,
     all other ground is sinking sand,
      all other ground is sinking sand."
     Christmas is almost upon us, it is bittersweet this year.  We are going to get Micah for a few hours one day while some of Thomas family are here.  Thomas himself will get to be here for a long time, which we're all very excited about!  We had church with Micah yesterday and afterward took him outside for a short jaunt as it had gotten near 40 and he wanted to go out so badly.  Josiah brought a handheld game with him and got it out for Micah to see, he really liked it and actually played a bit using the side of his hand.  When the little guys got too close he used that same arm to push them back as he wanted to play, and was not letting them in!
     We have seen the tongue make a few more appearances, but he does not have control of it yet (do any of us?).  He is still not holding his head up either, he can, but doesn't.  Most of the time it is practically laying on his right shoulder, looks painful.  If we hold up his head and massage the spine (between shoulder blades) he will relax a bit and hold his head up for a bit.  
     We have had several ask us if we have noticed a difference in Micah since the surgery.  We have a bit, but mainly it has been that he seems more relaxed.  The Dr. is in the process of tweaking his dose right now and at the same time reducing other meds.  He is completely off of one of the meds and another is now being reduced.  The pump started at a dose of 150 (mcg, I think) and we are currently around 250.  It can be increased minimally each day and with a kid like Micah the Dr. said that we can easily expect to go over 600.  This is why he wanted at least 3 weeks after the pump placement to work with Micah.  
     The 26th is our "move out of the house" date so please be praying about that for us.  We are not sure where we will be staying after that and honestly don't have time to worry about it.  We have all of you praying for us and a God that loves us so why should we worry?  We thank you for your prayers and support and are praying for you also.  



  1. Can't paste a link here but if you google "ronald mcdonald house" and st. louis together, you'll get a map to three locations. I don't know anything about these houses firsthand, so it might be just a last resort.

    Peace of Christ to you,
    Craig Davis

  2. We do pray for the kids at home too for extra grace, Tina, coz this is a difficult time for them too and they have to do so much adjusting, travelling, moving, but they have done a good job. It's nice to see them all on skype. We pray that God will direct you to make all the right decisions as far as family, school, & everything goes. See you all soon, God willing! Shanti