Friday, November 6, 2009

November 5 11:30 PM

Hello friends,
I just wanted to give a short update on the day as it is much too late for a long one!  I think I mentioned before that Micah has been getting agitated because he is more alert to the fact that he can not get his body to do what he wants it to do.  The same held true today, he had a good day and is moving, moving all the time.  I, and his nurses, think he is trying to get out of his bed!  He was in a bed that was like a tent because he was moving so much, but he was not sleeping well in that so we changed the beds.  The current bed lowers almost all the way down to the floor and has pad around it and on the floor on both sides.  I asked today, "Can we just put some pads on the floor and let him sleep there?"  The nurse said, " Knowing him, if we did that he would be trying to scoot out the door!"  The Dr. is happy with the movement that he is seeing as it is all new and things that he is doing "purposefully", not just spasms he cannot control.  He believes that Micah is moving into the next stage of recovery and the agitation we see is a part of that stage.  
The next two days will be busy ones for him so please keep him in your prayers.  Tomorrow I will visit with the kids in the morning, he will have therapy, grandparents will visit, Dad will visit.  Then the next day will be the birthday party here at the house and Micah will get to come be here with us for a short time.  The hospital will transport him to and from the house.
Something that I may not have mentioned before is that I had been noticing for some time now that Micah was making less noise and then the last 1-2 weeks it was rare to hear anything unless he was crying.  Previously he would make noise when we talked to him or when Thomas talked to him on the phone.  I don't know why he got quiet, but the last two days he has started making a few noises again.  One of the kids just told me yesterday, "Mom, I don't remember what Micah's voice sounds like."   I'm struck at how quickly we can forget a voice if we don't hear it for a while which, as every other lesson we learn as moms, translates into the spiritual realm.  If I am not careful to speak with my Father on a regular basis how easy will it be for me to forget His voice.  Maybe I need to be more quiet like Micah and learn to listen more closely.
Love you all,

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  1. Hi Tina, We r excited to hear all the new things Micah is doing.We thank and praise our Heavenly Father for showing His Grace toward us!!We continue to look unto Him Who is the Author and Finisher of our faith.The Lord continue to do His miracles.Love, Mummy and Daddy.