Thursday, November 5, 2009

November 4 11:30 PM

Hi friends,
The last two days though not the "smiliest" for Micah have been pretty good.  He has been moving his arms more each day it seems.  Yesterday they got a different chair for him and so he is staying in a better position when he is up.  I took the kids for some outside time in the afternoon and they had fun with him, & he with them.  He loves the fast rides they take him for!  The OT came out while we were there and worked with his arms a bit and with his swallowing.  He did manage to get down a couple of spoons of chocolate pudding.  One thing that I had noticed with him lately was that he was not holding up his head as well as he was doing previously, in fact he hardly holds it up at all.  The OT told me that we would most likely see that for a while as he is working so hard on moving his arms that he is only able to do that one thing.  She said it is very much like watching a small child try to use scissors, they can only cut if their tongue is sticking out.  Micah can only move his arms if he keeps his head down.

Today I went to his therapy session and he did okay, but was a little distracted and agitated.  He moved a lot and tolerated the different positions well.  He got his leg splints today, very cool camo design, and seemed to tolerate them well also.  Tomorrow he will have them on quite a bit and if he tolerates them then he will start using them during his standing sessions.  He was also molded for his arm/hand splints today and should have them soon.  He will not have to wear them all the time, but will have a schedule so that his arms & hands can get used to being opened up more.  When I was alone with Micah today I talked to him a great deal about what the Lord had told us about him and reminded him of things that had been prayed over him for years.  I reminded him of God's love for him, something that we all need to be reminded of on a regular basis.  It's really hard to leave him, but he seems to understand.  I tell him each day that I have to go and take care of the other kids as they don't have all the nice nurses around them to help, sometimes he will cry for a bit, but he will usually settle down before I go.  
Before I left today, I was bent over his bed talking to him and he reached out his hand straight towards my mouth staring the whole time to get his arm where he wanted it to go.  He almost got it straight out and I kissed his hand and he did that several more times.  Then he brought the hand down lower and did the same thing.  His brothers had been trying to get him to bump knuckles with him so I did that with him a few times also and told him that he needed to do that with them tomorrow.  We'll see if he remembers that.  I prayed with him & we specifically prayed for his sleep.  I just talked to his nurse a while ago and she said that he stayed up until a little after 11 then he went to sleep so he may be down for the night.  Praise God!  He has been sleeping better, but not as good as he could be.  
As for prayer, the tongue and the tone are the main ones right now.  If I haven't explained the tone someone please let me know and I will.  I'm too tired to write any more this evening.
I love you all and thank God for each of you every day and ask for His blessing in your lives.
Remind someone today how much God loves them.


  1. Dear Tina,
    I pray for you as a mother. Your big heart has had to stretch even larger to cover all of this big distance and I keep asking God to give you strength to be mother in several places at once! I know that you have kids having birthdays, Micah in one place, Thomas working in Jackson..... You are doing such a fantastic job with God's enabling. Grace and peace to you. I continue to remember all of your needs and everyone in your dear family.

  2. i teared up when i read the part when u prayed with micah & reminded him of God's promises upon him. i think of myself do that with our kids, esp when we feel they need it. how God has given us this special role as mothers & a heart to go with it for we hurt for our kids when they hurt and reassure them. How God is giving us a taste of His love for us through our mothers here on earth! How He expands our hearts whenever the need is there. Shanti

  3. Hi Tina....that first comment today was from Melanie and not from dear Stephanie! :-) I didn't see that she was logged into my computer so I just merrily started typing under her name!!! It doesn't matter except that I just want you to know that I am prayaing for you and your whole family very often!

  4. We r happy to hear that he could swallow the pudding and also lift up his hands to get your kiss. Yes the Good Lord is at work and we continue to plead with Him to show His might and power to His saints who are waiting upon Him.Love, mummy.