Friday, November 6, 2009

November 6 11:30 AM

Hi friends,
I posted last night about Micah's progress, but wanted to put this up so that you all can be praying for his visit to the house tomorrow.  When I left last night he was doing well and was very tired.  When I called this morning they said he did not sleep all night and was having a horrible morning and they were going to get him back to bed right after his PT.  Please pray this lack of sleep doesn't snowball into a really bad visit tomorrow.  Thank you.


  1. the varugheese clan,
    we are missing you all very much, but we know you are where you need to be for now. we are still praying and we are encouraged by your comments on the blog. thanks for keepin us posted. happy birthday to josiah and abigail. we love you guys. blessings, amber g

  2. Happy Happy Birthday. Praying Micah's outing goes well and that he really enjoys himself. Maybe Micah does have a point in being quiet. I never thought of forgetting my Father's voice so I too will practice being quiet so I can hear. Thanks for the tip Micah. Love you all, Tony & Tina

  3. You guys are constantly on my heart and mind. I am praying. You are loved.


  4. Still thinking of you guys. Hope Micah's visit went well. Can't wait to read all about it. As always, Tina & Thomas, your writings are such an inspiration. May God bless you all. May He place in Micah's life the doctors/nurses/PT's/meds/etc., that will make the transition to complete health successful. Or, God, if you so choose, we'll certainly take a mirculaous healing. Love to you all.

  5. will pray that all goes well for you this week with sweet Micah and his visit. I wonder if a foot rub before bed might help him to sleep better at night. I love you alot and miss seeing your smiling faces and eating your delicious food. Please give Micah a big hug from Ms Mala. You are always in our thoughts and prayers. Hug all the kids and Thomas for me. Much love, mala

  6. Wishing a very Blessed Birthday to Abigail and Josiah. May you all have a peaceful & gr8 fnly time together. luv ,hugs & prayers George Verghese(Mohan) Eva , Delhi

  7. Dear Tina,

    We follow the blog on Michah. So encouraging to hear the progress he is making. Tell him what a brave boy he is. God is good. Keep on talking to him about how much God loves him and don't doubt the things you feel. I know he's trying to hug you. Holding you in our hearts, keeping you in our prayers.
    Beth at RCV