Monday, November 2, 2009

November 2 11:30 AM

Hello friends,
Wow, I can't believe that it is November already!  The last few days have been busy ones for Micah. This is the third time I've tried to do this post.  Since the last time I blogged Micah had not been sleeping well at night and would be tired during the days wanting to sleep in his chair.  Saturday we got his bed changed (he had been in one that was more like a tent because he moved so much) and that afternoon he fell asleep around 3 pm and slept 16 hours straight!!  We went to see him on Sunday and he was happy, but not as happy as usual.  After we left he fell asleep again and slept from 5- 8 PM which means he stayed up again last night.  So, we are working on getting him straightened out again.
Today we had a care conference today for Micah with a rep from each branch of his care and therapy at the hospital, it went very well.  His PT/OT are happy with his progress and think that when his tone gets better that they will see him do a lot more.  He has been doing well with his sitting and standing.  During therapy sessions they will have various things that they attach a large red button to for Micah to press usually with his head and it will turn on whatever they attach it to.  Today, he actually used a hand to push the button and once held it down and watched what it was working.  Sometimes they hook the button up to kitchen appliances so that all the kids can help with cooking.  Today they made lemon squares and Micah got to push the button that made one of the appliances run.  
Speech is still working on his swallowing which is consistently inconsistent.  He does though follow commands well.  Micah has lost about 20 lbs. since the beginning of Sept., but they feel that he has stabilized as they have gotten his food/bowels tweaked where everything is working as it should be, so hopefully he will not lose more.
His main Dr. said today that this week they are going to wean him off of one of his meds as he doesn't need it anymore, yeah!  And they decided to let Micah come to the house this week for a few hours as we have 3 birthdays this weekend (I'm thinking gift cards would be a great gift : )  Another bit of great news is that they have decided that  my kids can go visit Micah!!  They can all go to visit outside anytime and if I call ahead I can take 2 kids with me to one of the conf. rooms or meditation room for up to 2 hrs. each day!  We went and got them immediately after the meeting and took them out to see him, he was very happy to see them.  We couldn't stay out to long as the sun was going down and it was getting chilly, but we enjoyed the time we had.  The reason they chose to do this was that they saw such a difference in Micah when his siblings were around him that they felt it was necessary for him.  
God never ceases to amaze me!  We were so disappointed that Micah couldn't see them and He has worked it out perfectly.  
Micah did get his injections on Friday late afternoon and we will see in the next few days if they will help or not.  I think they already have as Micah is stretching out his left arm more and the right has been more relaxed.  Much to my delight, yesterday while I was talking to him he smiled at me then reached his arm over to me and put it on my hand and left it for quite a while.  After this he would look at my shoulder then try to move his hand over and over.  Micah is the kid that comes to hug me several times a day so I believe he was trying to get his hand on my shoulder and just couldn't get it up there.  He was trying to hug me, that's my story and I'm sticking to it!  By the way he tried again today : )  
Thomas just left and is headed back to Jackson, those of you that read this tonight please keep him in your prayers,  I'm sure the long drives back and forth are tiring.  We are doing well despite missing all of our friends & church family, the kids are learning more each day to love & respect one another.   My parents have also been frequent visitors, which has been good for all of us.   
If we have learned nothing else through this time, we have learned that even when we are enduring hardship God is good.  He has not forsaken us, He has not forgotten us.  Each day is new & God is there with us holding us up and helping us to walk, speaking life and hope to our hearts.  Each day He gives us opportunity to praise His name before others and the choice is ours to make, will we lift His name or hide in shame?  
Sing until the whole world hears!


  1. It is always so pleasing to read about the new things Micah is doing and trying each day. I can't wait for the day when he shares his testimony from all of this. You have an amazing family and we miss you a whole BIG BUNCH. We'll keep on praying and praising the victories. Love you.
    Tony & Tina

  2. Thank you so much for all the updates. We check each day to see what victories are happening.
    Much Love,
    Linda Arreguin

  3. We miss all of you so much and continue to trust that by HIS stripes Micah WAS healed, completely. I so look forward to the day Micah, standing with his entire family, proclaims to the world and the gates of hell that what satan intended to destroy him and his family, God took it and used it for HIS glory; HIS MIRACULOUS WONDER WORKING POWER!!!!! We have read the end of the Book and YOUR ENTIRE FAMILY WINS!!!! Praise God for His loving grace. No matter what we go through on this earth, God is always here to embrace us in His loving arms. Keep your eyes and your hearts focused on Him and all His glory. God is love and he loves your entire family and knows you all love Him.

    We love you, miss you and you are all in our prayers. Love Sadia

  4. Still thinking of all of you and praying God's best for you. It's wonderful to hear continued progress for Micah. Just know that you are not forgotten.

    Love to you all


  5. Hi Children and Grand children, We thank and praise our dear Lord for all what He is doing there for u.We r overwhelmed at His tender mercies that sustain u in this hour of trial.We r so encouraged by the strength of ur faith at these times of difficulties.We only pray and trust the Lord for the miracle that is on the way.Hold on!!The Good Lord will not fail us.Just as He is His faithfulness endures for ever.Daddy and Mummy Delhi

  6. Dear Mohan & Tina & kids, good to hear all the updates and how God is upholding you both and the kids through all this . It is indeed an encouragement for us & I'm sure for many others. I get a picture of Jesus sleeping peacefully in the boat while the storms around rock the boat. I want us all to be in that boat with Him. The waves of this world are so rocky but with Him in the boat with us, we can feel safe, to know we're alongside a Saviour who created the sea!
    Shanti, Bernard & kids

  7. Hi Tina, I haven't had time to check the blog like I would like too. It's great the progress is going well. Prays go out to you and the family. Your neighbors, Larry and Judy Pratt