Monday, February 7, 2011

February 7, 2011

Hello friends,
     I pray that all of you are doing well and that our good Lord is keeping you in good health.  We are all doing well and have been enjoying the snow lately.   We are closing in on the computer device for Micah.   Bids have been sent out by the school for pricing, but today we were called to the school to look at a new product, not sure which one we'll get yet.  They are all quite amazing.
    The school recently purchased a new device for Micah called a gait trainer.  It's basically a huge baby walker that supports him under the arms and around the chest.  His first time in it he pushed himself around a bit with his left leg and drug the right one, but after a while they said he pulled the right one up and tried to use it too.  His second time in it he went down the school hall and into the gymnasium.  Third time he didn't want to do much. 
     Micah has been showing more interest in food lately, we can't give him much, but he really enjoys what we do give him.  He had a swallow study done at the local hospital and passed.  This means that the speech therapists can start working with him on his swallow at school.
     Micah goes to Franklin again on the 9th for a pump refill.  This time the meds will be given in the same dose, but will be diluted.  When Micah had his pre-pump surgery trials the meds were dilute.  The docs are wondering if this may help.  Being dilute, they will be forced to spread out faster and over a broader area.  This will of course mean that I would have to make more frequent trips because part of the pump would be full of water and so would go faster.  If this has no effect on Micah then both the Franklin doc and the St. Louis doc want us to take him to Indianapolis to visit with another doctor there.  He has worked with patients like Micah that have had good trials and then had no effect after the pump placement.  This would most likely mean another surgery to move the catheter again.  Not something that either of us want to do. 
     Pray that God would give us wisdom and that we would hear what He wants us to do.  He will have to speak very loud and clear if it's surgery!  We are doing well, still have our ups and downs (don't think that will ever change), but I believe that we have more ups than downs.  God knows our hearts and our desires for our son to be well again and so we each day keep laying Micah at His feet and wait for His perfect will to be worked out in our son.  Thank you all so much for sticking with us and lifting us up in prayer.  God has truly given us strength and joy beyond what is natural. 


  1. Tina,
    Thanks for your faithfulness to keep Micah's needs before us so we can keep him and you lifted up in our prayers. I haven't been so diligent lately with this, but God is calling you to mind more often now. (and one day we will connect on the phone, right? LOL) Today we look in the mirror, dimly, but one day....we shall see.
    May God continue to fill your days with his "minutes of Grace" and wisdom for the journey. Praying this surgery will not be needed....
    We love you guys. And are always amazed at how you hold up (knowing of course it's all HIM). Just grateful for your faith and your testimony!

  2. know we continually pray for your precious family - a family that is as close to being our own as is possible. we love you lots and pray for continued peace and blessings of many kinds.

  3. Continuing to pray for Micah and all of you. We love you.


  4. I am a friend of Stephanie Convey and met you briefly at her wedding. My brother uses a gait trainer and loves it! More walking days are ahead for Micah! Love from, Elizabeth