Friday, June 25, 2010

St. Louis trip

Dear friends,
We got to Tina's parents house on Wednesday night. It is a little over an hour east of St. Louis. Josiah, Elizabeth, Matthew and Daniel are with Tina's parents. Abigail is gallivanting around somewhere in Kerala, India with my parents and Samuel is somewhere on a beach in St. Simons Island with some friends!
Tina and I were in St. Louis yesterday for a contrast study CT scan and bolus through the pump (extra dose of Baclofen). The CT showed that the pump was functioning properly but the bolus had no effect. So today we are back in St. Louis to do another trial with direct injection of the Baclofen. This will be administered through a lumbar puncture (kind of like a reverse spinal tap). He will stay in the hospital for observation over a period of 6 hours. We are not sure if we have to stay overnight. If we have positive results from today we have a couple of options. Change in dosage and/or repositioning of the catheter inside the spinal column (involves surgery). As you can see it is a try and see what happens method! So that's what is going on today. Surgery could possibly be tomorrow or Monday. I will probably return after the weekend to Jackson to get back to work (we drove separately just in case this happened). Please continue to hold us up in your prayers.

"I will lift up my eyes to the hills. Where shall my help come from?
My help comes from Jehovah, who made Heaven and earth"

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