Thursday, November 19, 2009

November 19 9:40 AM

Hello friends,
I have had a better yesterday, thank you for your prayers.   Micah also had a good day, I think he has enjoyed having mom all to himself.  What I ask you to be praying for is that Micah would be able to differentiate between muscles or muscle groups.  There is a lot of confusion for him in this area and God is not the author of confusion.  What happens is when he tries to stick out his tongue or pick up his head etc... that he has to move many other things at the same time.  If I were to hold his legs still and ask him to stick out his tongue he would not be as successful in getting his tongue out past his teeth (which he did yesterday, first time!!).  So please be praying for this confusion to be gone and replace with the peace of Jesus.
Micah has also been making more sound the last few days.  We've all almost forgotten what his voice sounds like.  I know that several times he was trying to say something, but just couldn't get the tongue to cooperate with him.  "The tongue is a little member..." need I say more about that?  

If we could get our tongues to cooperate with our hearts imagine what could be done.  So many wonderful things are in my heart that never come across my lips, sad.  I'm sure that I'm not the only one with that problem.  Then there are also those with the opposite problem, they have too much crossing their lips.  Lord help us all to use our tongues to glorify you and bring the rest of the body along with us.   A closed mouth and an open heart are just as dangerous as an open mouth and a closed heart.  Neither one will convey the love of the Father.
"Lord empty me of me so I can be filled with You!"
     -don't know (if you do, please tell me)


  1. Do you feel like Paul? Your "letters" with encouragement, are like Pauls letters to the churches. Just wondered if you knew you were a modern day Paul..... Lynnette

  2. We r happy to hear that Micah brought his tounge out past his teeth.and made more sounds.Praise the Lord. We r constantly praying for great and quick deliverance! God is able! May the Lord strengthen you Tina! Love, mummy and Daddy.

  3. Hi Tina,
    I realized that you and your family are going thru trying times and I pray for you. Every time I see Thomas at church I am very blessed to see that there is still normalcy in your lives. I have a friend that seems to be lost in the trials of her life, and don't seem to know which way is the right way. I gave her the address to Micah's blog so that she may see how God has honored your faith, even when you were weary. This blog has been such a blessing to me. I'm thankful to see that thru it all your faith and joy in the Lord has never wavered. It too has been my prayer on many occasions that God would empty me of me and fill me with more of Him. Its a song by Avalon "Come Fill My Heart" Some days this was all i could think of to say to the Lord that was really my true heart. Micah is blessed to be born into such a wonderful family. Trish

  4. I'm so glad to hear of Micah's progress! We have been praying for him.

    By the way, that quote comes from the song "Empty Me", written and performed by Chris Sligh.

    God Bless!