Tuesday, November 17, 2009

November 17 10:30 PM

Hello friends,
Last night Thomas took some kids with him to Jackson and I took the others to my parents so that I could have some good time with Micah this week.  Micah had a good night and a good day, I on the other hand had a very hard day.  My family is in 3 different states and it is so hard.  I want nothing more than to be together again in our home.  I drove back to St. Louis this afternoon alone. I haven't had any alone time lately so it was good for me.  Yes, I cried almost the whole way, but it has been good to release some emotions that have been bottled up.  I played praise music the whole way and let God speak to me.  
I got home this evening and had a song waiting for me.  I've put the link below, it's 5 minutes long and worth taking the time to listen to.  Thanks for sharing Melbelle I'm clinging to this though I feel so weak.


May the Lord bless you all richly,


  1. I have been singing it a lot, Tina! I am glad that it was good medicine for you! I am thinking of you all a lot. Our whole family is going to St. Louis the day after Christmas for Urbana. I will definitely call you when we are there (can I get your number from Steph?)

    Much love,

  2. we still miss you guys and pray for you daily...i know this week you'll se His hand move mightily.

  3. Dear Sweet Tina,
    We love you and continue to pray for you all. We are looking forward to the day that you're all back home TOGETHER.

  4. I cried a lot with you Tina, You are not alone!!Our God will see our tears and will answer uslove,mummy Delhi

  5. Praying much for you.
    May God comfort and strengthen you.
    Love you all.

  6. Tina,

    I just listened to "Still My Soul" and it really blessed me, too. Our family has been struggling with a difficult situation and I needed encouragement. Thank you for sharing with others out of your own pain. You and Thomas have been used by God in so many lives even as you have walked through such dark days. Know that I pray for you all the time and will continue to do so.

    Love, Chris Veteto