Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Tuesday, September 15th, 7:41am

Dear family in Jesus -
This is the day the Lord has made. We WILL rejoice and be glad in it!
It has been a long night for me. Those who know me will tell you that you could carry me around when I am asleep and I wouldn't know it! I have been up and down last night. This is the first 24hr+ stretch that Micah has been free of any sedatives and his body is going through a new phase. Tina has brought you up to date on the different stages we have been through. Right now Micah's brain is going through cycles of activity. Every 35-40 minutes he has bouts of extreme posturing. It lasts for about 5mins during which he has 1-3 bouts. This means that he scrunches up, thrashes his feet, clenches his teeth, contorts his body into all sorts of impossible angles and then he is calm and goes back to sleep. This has been pretty consistent every hour since around 6pm yesterday. It is very difficult to watch. We stuck some pictures up on the door of Micah and one of all of us. It is hard to make the connection between the picture on the door and the person on the hospital bed.
Yet it serves as a constant reminder to me of who he is. It reminds me of God's love to us, that He does not see us as sick, bedridden or incapable but complete in Jesus! It reminds me of the perseverance of Jesus, who '..for the joy that was set before Him..' endured the pain and suffering of the cross. I have come to re-affirm through these last few days that our lives are not about us. It is always about Jesus. If we say that believe in a loving and sovereign Lord, it follows quite naturally that all things in our life are working for eternal purposes, all things have their proper place in our destiny. I for one am thankful that my God is much smarter than anyone and not only that, He is capable of changing the natural order of things. So Tina and I listen patiently to the clinical diagnosis and pray mightily for miraculous impossible. I trust my Lord and believe that all things that transpire in my life are ultimately for good for HE IS GOOD!
I am headed back to Jackson this morning to spend some much need time with our other children. I am extremely grateful for our friends and for my co-workers who are enabling me to keep first things first.
God is good all the time!


  1. Your faith is awesome! As I follow Micah’s blog, your love for God and God’s presence in your lives is an inspiration to all of us. We continue to pray for you and Micah.

    May God continue to bless each of you.

    Linda Waynick

  2. Linda expressed my feelings so perfectly in her comments-I don't know what else to say. But I know from recent experience how much words of concern and support mean to those who are waiting and watching a loved one. We will continue to pray for the healing touch of God's hands in your and Micah's lives.

  3. Thomas & Tina...along with so many other thoughts...I am struck with how overwhelmingly you honor our Father! He is the epitome of strength, and you are directly in the palm of His hands. I've been praying for restoration & peace since Amber called thursday night. I will continue. Lori Taylor

  4. I am praying for complete restoration for Micah both body and spirit. I am praying for the entire family that the mind of Christ will be in you all. Bringing down any imagination that would oppose the working of the Holy Spirit. Strengthen both physically and spiritually. You have a “Great Cloud of Witness’s” praying. Be encouraged today.

  5. Thomas, I heard about Micah's illness on Friday and I have thought about you and him much since then. Your resolve and your faith have touched me deeply, and I have gotten strength from that. I add my prayers to those that have gone up for Micah's recovery and for comfort to you and your family during this crisis.

  6. Thomas, all of us at First Presbyterian continue to pray for you and Micah and all your family. We have been deeply touched by this. I cannot imagine the struggle you are enduring - please know that you are surrounded by a great cloud of witnesses who care deeply for you and yours. Grace and Peace, John White

  7. Great is thy faithfulness! I am praying for your son Micah and your family. You are a man of great faith and God will reward you for your faithfulness. God specializes in things that seem impossible to man. Much love to you and your wife.


  8. Thomas and Tina,
    I am truly humbled and grateful that I have the opportunity to join so many believers in prayer for you guys and Micah. I trust that God will provide, and that you will be strengthened through your relationship with Him. He is the great physician. I, along with others, are asking for healing and seeking a mighty work through you guys as you go through this. God bless you.

    Terry Hunley, First Cumberland Presbyterian Church, Jackson

  9. Thomas & Tina
    Your family is in my heart and prayers during this valley of darkness. I am praying for a healing for Micah.
    God bless each of you.
    Mona Gates

  10. Tina,
    My heart goes out to you from one mother to another I know how hard it is to watch your child going through something that you have no control over,as a mother you just want to jump in and make everything ok and in this case we just have to sit back and let God have complete control. Your family is in my prayers.
    God is Awsome and I know he will take care of your precious boy. Singing Songs of Praise in Micah's honor :)

    Jessica Newton(Sally's Daughter-in-law, and Jonathan's wife)

  11. Thomas and Tina, know that God is holding Micah's hand right hand now and always! He will not let go.He is also holding your hands as well. Everytime someone prays,God quiets Heaven so everyone will hear the prayer. Bruce and I will continue to pray and lift up all of you.If you need anything, please don't hesitate to call.
    God continue to bless you,
    Bruce and Judy Dorris

  12. Romans 12:1 So here’s what I want you to do, God helping you: Take your everyday, ordinary life—your sleeping, eating, going-to-work, and walking-around life—and place it before God as an offering. Embracing what God does for you is the best thing you can do for him.
    When you look at the picture on the door and you look at who is in the bed don't try to measure if God doing anything. God's uses a different measureing stick. There is nothing no nothing impossible with God.
    I remember a song we use to sing " Don't Give up on the Brink of A Miracle, Don't give in God is Still on the Throne."
    For A Believer ER/Hospitals are not just a place to go when you are sick, rather a place of Opportunity for God to show-off.
    Pastor Prentis