Wednesday, September 30, 2009

September 30 9:20 PM

Hello friends,
Here I am once again at bedtime trying to fill you in.  We had a pretty peaceful day today, except for the fact that Micah did not get time in his favorite chair today as it had been taken to another floor.  He was a bit upset about that.  He did though get to go to the therapy room which was full of all sorts of interesting things.  I found the room much more interesting than Micah though all he wanted to do was sleep because he had just had his medication and had just eaten - not the best time to do PT.  He is still on an antibiotic, but the preliminary blood results have come back negative for any infection.  He will stay on this until the final results are in.  This is a carry over from the Sunday night fiasco we had when they were checking everything they could to make sure there were no infections anywhere.  
Here is a small miracle for you - we were told that the docs wanted to take Micah for some x-rays on his neck at 3 PM today and they actually showed up at 3 PM!!!!  They were doing some flex & extension x-rays to check the part where he had the swelling and I believe that we still had four weeks left with the C-collar (neck brace) on, but by 5:30 ish it he had been cleared and the collar removed!  Thank God, that collar has been a great source of irritation for me from the time it was put on.  

I wanted to share with you a response that I got to the green olive tree last evening, I went to bed on this one so I'm hoping that it will be a good one for you to go to bed on tonight...

Just this thought: When God works slowly, he is also working grandly. Olive trees grow slowly, live hundreds of years, still bearing fruit. 

Goodnight to each of you and God bless you all richly!  
I'll try to not keep you all waiting so long tomorrow.
Much love,


  1. Hi Tina,So glad he got the C-collar taken off.
    Yes, God does work slowly. Still praying for the family.
    Larry and Judy Pratt

  2. Thomas and Tina:

    Was just checking in on Micah and you guys this morning. I was really blessed by your thoughts about the olive tree, and of course that brought to mind Psalm 1, which Aaron has been memorizing:

    "He is like a tree planted by streams of water, which yields it fruit in season"

    Apart from your thoughts, it is your fidelity and constant faithfulness not only now but for many years together that is a huge source of encouragement to us and to the church at large.

    God bless Thomas, Tina, Micah and Abigail, Josiah, Samuel, Elizabeth, Matthew, and Daniel.


  3. When I read about the collar being removed, the first thought that came to mind was how God's love removes the chains of bondage from our lives. Freedom.

    Love you! Read your journey daily.
    Linda Arreguin

  4. Praying for more miracles today! That was great news about the collar coming off. May God continue to bless you, strengthen you, uplift you, restore you and heal Micah.
    Hope Cooper

  5. You guys are such an encouragement! We continue to pray for you regularly.
    Louis and Donna

  6. Thomas and Tina,
    Excited about the great news about the c-collar.

    Your statement about how the olive tree grows slowly. Well I was tring to go to sleep yesterday afternoon there was a lot going on in my head. The one thing that kept coming back to me was that Micah is being healed slowly and in God's timing not ours. Micah precious face just kept going through my mind, I would wake up and go back to sleep and there was that face demples and all.

    Tina in you blog yesterday you said you just wanted your boy back. You know I so understand where you are coming from. God has bless you with Micah and he is not finished with him yet.

    You know I love all of you. I just wish I could be there and give you a big hug and you know me we could all cry together if you needed to. My motto is, "You never cry alone as long as I'm around".

    Love ya,
    Sally Newton