Monday, July 12, 2010

July 12, 2010

Hello friends,
     So sorry for being away so long.  I did not have computer connections for most of the time that I was in MO & IL.  We ended up staying on longer as the Dr. wanted us to be near by in case there was a problem.  We stayed with my parents in IL until Micah reached 10 days post surgery, then went for a check up with the Dr.  and came home the following day.  Everything went well, the old catheter was removed and a new one placed in a different spot.  We do not know the full results yet as we are still tweaking the dose.  His Dr. cut his dose back by half so that there would be no chance of overdosing him.  He has bumped him up twice and we will go to the Franklin Dr. next week to get out stitches and most likely get the meds bumped up a little more.  We have noticed that Micah is moving himself more, but he is not any easier for us to move.  As far as medicine goes, this is the end of the road for Micah as there is really nothing else medically that can be done for him.  So, as from the beginning, he is in God's hands to do with as He pleases.  
     We got a chance to stop by Ranken Jordan while in St. Louis and see a few of our friends there for a few minutes and also took Micah to do a bit of shopping with us.  He enjoys getting to do more than go to the doctor or church!  
     Yesterday Thomas picked Micah up to take him to his room and before leaving the room he spun Micah in circles and Micah laughed and laughed!  We do love to hear him laugh.  Another night we were getting him ready for bed and decided to stretch him out a bit.  He never likes this and tends to tense up a lot which only makes it harder.  On his own, he can almost put his left leg flat on the floor (I've only seen him do this since the surgery), but the right one he doesn't use much.  While we were stretching him his sister told him jokes and funny stories, every time he laughed his leg would go out more.  We ended up getting the right leg stretched farther than it has been in a long time.  "A merry heart doeth good like a medicine".
     Staying in IL was a bit challenging because Thomas was not there and my parents house, though bigger, did not have all the conveniences that we have here to help with Micah.  We took him downstairs to sleep one night, but when we carried him up the stairs the next morning we decided that once was enough and he would sleep upstairs the rest of the trip!!  
     By next Saturday I will once again have all of my children under one roof again!!  I'm really excited about that!  
     Oh, I almost forgot, Micah will have therapists coming to the house a couple of times a week starting tomorrow.  He most likely will not enjoy it, but it is good for him.  Also, he ate several bites of pancake yesterday.   That is more the type of therapy he likes!  Thanks for your prayers.


  1. Pancakes & prayers...sounds like good therapy!

    Please know your whole family is being prayed for everyday.


  2. That's cool to hear about taking bites of pancakes. It was such a blessing to hear from Abigail about his incredible memory for people.
    So glad that all of you will be back again together after a long time.
    Monachayan, Evama (George & Eva)

  3. So glad that you will have all children back under one roof. I will be praying for Micah and his therapy. Therapy has been difficult for Lake as well, especially the joints that don't get any use, the stiffness ends up causing so much discomfort when stretching them back out. Love you all and are so happy to hear of Micah's progress!!