Wednesday, April 28, 2010

April 28, 2010

Hello friends,
     Today went well.  Unlike our last trip to Vandy, when I walked in the door there were people waiting on me and they had already checked us in!  They were really embarrassed by the last trip there.   Micah went through the test and CT with no problems or complaints, but thus far they have not noticed any leaking.  They were going to study the pictures more and let us know if they find anything.  Our Dr. told us that this test may not show anything, but he wanted to do it first as it was the least invasive of the tests.  Our next step will be a comparison test.  Micah will spend the day at the hospital for this one.  They will first give him a large dose of his med via the pump and then watch him for a few hours to see if they notice a difference in him.  Later in the day he would get an injection of the same med right into the spine and the again they would watch him.  If we see a difference only in the injection, then we will know that the pump is not working properly.  He got an injection like this when they did the trial before the pump was placed in him.  Had the trial not gone well Micah would not have gotten the pump.    We don't have a date for this test yet, but I should find out something in the next few days.  Thanks for your prayers!

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  1. Thanks Tina for faithfully updating. The Lord is truely faithful as is evident with your steadfast faith and the Lords provision to meet every need. He is in control and His grace immeasurable as we see what is happening through the precious life of Micah---. We understand Abigail will be coming this side ..looking forward to seeing her after a long time-- George & Eva, Delhi