Wednesday, January 27, 2010

January 27, 2010 8:30 PM

Hello friends,
     We went for the upper GI today and the results were normal, nothing wrong so we will proceed with the original plan which is to return home on Feb. 3rd.  We are both excited to get home and sad that Micah has not progressed further than he is at present.  For the time being he will need a great deal of care which will take a great deal of time.  The Dr. feels that he will progress a bit more being with his siblings, but not as much as we believe he will.  Once again, they have reached their limits and we are in the best place of all - the hands of the one who created us.  Please pray for us during the transition.  I will still try to keep you informed on Micah's progress at home if you would like me to.


  1. Call on us for anything you need help with when you get home. I may not cook as well but I can cook, clean, laundry, etc. :) Just excited about you coming home, have missed you so much. Love you, Tony & Tina

  2. Please continue to let us know how Micah is doing, even after you get home...any time you get a spare moment for an update.

    We pray for him (and you and Thomas & the kids) everyday.

  3. I join with so many others in praying for this transition and am glad that you are going to keep updating us when you are able!

  4. I am so excited for ALL of you that you be together in ONE place!!! What a reunion!! I will continue to pray for all of you and would love an update as you have time.
    I am available to do anything!! Please do not hesitate to ask.
    Your JEA friend,

  5. Praying for a smooth transition and believing in Micah's COMPLETE recovery.
    Love you all. Wish we were closer to help out.


  6. if you need anything, call us. i don't work during the day, so if i can do anything for you (even if it's laundry) let me know. love you!

    -cathy robinson

  7. This is an answered prayer...and we are excited to see you guys together again, and to see the blessings and miracles we pray God will pour over your household.
    We are here for you and ready to help in any way! We love you!

  8. Friends of the Varugheses--(I hope you don't mind me posting this Tina; if so, please just delete it). My own experience tells me that to respond to those very general "call me, i'll be glad to help" offers is meaningful, but very hard to ask for--we know that everyone has a busy life and don't really know when they are available. Better suggestions like this;"I'd like to bring dinner on Xday if that would work for your family." or "I can come help with housework on the first x of the month." Hope this is taken as intended--with love and care. Prayers for you all, and excited to have you back in Jackson.