Saturday, December 5, 2009

December 5, 2009 11:00 PM

Hello once again,
Thomas just told me that someone else looked at Micah's chest x-rays (which were not very clear) that they did not agree with the "fluid in the lungs" theory.  They think that the x-rays were just unclear.  The quality was bad because Micah had his arms clenched across his chest and someone was trying to hold them out and keep him covered while taking the pics.  Maybe by tomorrow we'll know for sure who is right.


  1. Dear Tina & Mohan, We were out the whole day getting a bad for one of our rooms for when mom & dad come & other errands & activities with kids & got back home real late but our minds were on Micah whole day wondering how the surgery went etc. We read all the updates before sleeping, we have been praying several times from yesterday. mom & i pray also over skype. I know how tough it must be for you & Micah but God is holding you all up. We pray for His providence and guidance in Shanti, Bernard & kids

  2. Tina and Thomas we continue to pray for you all- we thank our God for every remebrance of you. So glad the surgery went well. Would you post again the address where we can write you or Micah? Praying tonight for our Sweet Shepherd to gently carry you and your family- may He tend your wounds and give you sweet peace and sleep. Thank you for your encouraging words. Love you all--Katy Padelford