Tuesday, December 29, 2009

December 29th, 8:35pm

Hello dear family and friends,
Sorry for the delay in posting. We have been busy. Yes I know - I am posting at a normal hour, instead of some funky time in the wee hours of the morning!
      Micah is looking better each day. He has gotten over his bout of vomiting and fevers. We are still looking for more response from the new medication. His Baclofen dose (the medicine in the pump) is still being increased slowly to arrive at the right dosage. Since the medication is very strong, we have to be careful when increasing or decreasing dosage. It has to be done gradually. This is the most normal we have seen him looking as far as his appearance goes. On the whole he is more relaxed. Thanks to some dear friends in Jackson, I was able to borrow a vehicle to transport him on Christmas Day to the house. We had a really good time. My parents, brother and sister and their families came in to stay with us during Christmas week. We are so glad we had the large house, as there was room for everyone. Micah had a great time hanging out with his brothers and cousins. We just took him to the boys room in his chair and left them alone for a while. The boys were making goofy videos and he smiled and laughed pretty much the whole time they were doing that. In fact the effect of the visit carried over to the next day. He was really happy all of the next day. His disposition affects the therapy sessions greatly. As far as the therapy goes, we need to see more improvement with extensions of his arms and legs and swallowing. He seems to comprehend everything we are saying and recognized all his relatives. So that is a great blessing. We still do not have a consistent method to elicit responses from Micah. We continue to pray for his healing and every little thing he does is a great encouragement.
       We moved out of the house on Monday Dec 28 and are settled in the hotel suite. Surprisingly we all fit! Really nice place. Complimentary breakfast and dinner during the week. Really helps us with regards to meals for 10 people! My parents are staying with us for the time being. I am in St. Louis for the rest of this week and will return to Jackson on Sunday Jan 3. We are hoping to move back to Jackson in the near future and continue with whatever Micah needs at home. Of course we pray every day for complete healing and that all this other stuff would be unnecessary. Until that happens we are dealing with what we have. We are more than likely looking at a change in residence as our current home is very inadequate to accommodate Micah in his current condition. At some point I may prevail on some of you construction type folks to help me during that process.
This much for now. Very cold and snow, on and off, in St. Louis.


  1. Praying that God will provide for all your needs and believing in Micah's full recovery.


  2. PRAYERS ANSWERED!! I have been waiting not-so-patiently to hear if all of you got to be together for Christmas!!! I am so excited to hear that good news!! What a blessing!! I will continue to pray for all of you!! As far as construction........ummmmm-----well----I can PAINT!! You know I will help in ANY way!!
    Your JEA friend,

  3. we're so excited to know that micah can come home soon...myk and i both had a dream that your house was completely remodeled through "extreme home makeover". we miss your family, and pray daily for the strength and love we already see in you all.

  4. I am a friend of the Hartig's. I've been praying for Micah and your family. Someone needs to nominate your family for Extreme Makeover. Micah and Ty Pennington would like each other. :)

    Michelle Sargent

  5. Don't forget that Tony is a jack of all trades and very knowledgable about anything electrical. We still believe God will heal Micah and we're willing to help with whatever you need. I don't know much about construction but I can cook and clean. Love you all and am excited about you coming home soon. Tina Flowers

  6. Your Christmas day report is awesome. And we are glad to hear that you all fit in to your new temporary housing.
    We pray strength and peace to all of you for this new year!
    Linda and Tom

  7. So glad to hear the news of your Christmas day joy of Micah laughing so much and being relaxed.Sally and i pray for you all and for the complete recovery of Micah.It must be such a joy for you to have Aunty and Saar.
    Love Jaison and Sally