Wednesday, December 23, 2009

December 22, 2009 12:30 AM

Hello friends,
      Thomas family just arrived a couple of hours ago so we are all still up having a great time.   Even those that should be in bed are still going strong!  Thomas visited with Micah this morning and I went for a while this evening.  A few days ago they had a Christmas party at the hospital for all the kids.  The local police dept. came sirens blaring and brought Santa with them and they had presents for all the kids.  A good time was had by all and Micah got a very cool all terrain remote control vehicle.  I took batteries up with me today and he and I played with the car.  After I showed it to him he got the hang of it and got it going a few times and ran it into me once.   It was  a little tricky for him as he has only been pushing down on big buttons and this one has small buttons that have to be pushed forward or backwards.   He wasn't smiling today, but was not sad either.  Sometimes these days are harder when you see almost no emotion.   
     As far as his meds go he is still not up to his full dose of the new one but seems a little more relaxed in his arms today.  There was no vomiting yesterday and only once this morning so maybe that is on its way out.   We will not know for sure that Micah gets to come Christmas day until that day so please keep praying for that.  Family gatherings are hard.  Just tonight we were praying after everyone arrived safely, thanking God for us all being able to get together after so long, and I just wanted to cry because we weren't "all" there.  What to do?  We wait, we pray, we cry, we keep going.....  There are days when I think I cannot bear to go on one more day and yet, God comforts me and gives me the strength to go on that one more day.  
     For those of you wondering, the hospital has worked out for us to stay in a very nice suite until mid Jan. if we are here that long.  This option was here from the beginning, but leaving my other kids at a hotel all day did not seem wise to me  so we have been very thankful for the use of this great house we have been in.   I honestly don't know what we would have done without God's people reaching to love us.  Thank you all so much.  
May the Lord bless you and keep you,


  1. Thomas and Tina,
    There is hardly a day that goes by that we do not think of you. Your blog helps me keep life in perspective and often I pray for others that the Lord will help them keep things in perspective. I know it is not easy and yet you have a wonderful outlook. The scriptures and songs encourage so many to keep the faith - the substance of things hoped for the evidence of things unseen. We bless you with the love of the Lord. Peace, Joy and Comfort to you all and may God bless you richly this Christmas season!
    We love you,
    Nick and Lynn

  2. My dear beloved family,
    Your blog always keeps me grateful and thankful. You are so often in my thoughts and prayers. All of us at Rosecreek and in Memphis remember you always. I got to be with the single ladies after they had gotten together at your house in Jackson and it felt so good to be there...there was just one small all were not there with us. We are counting down the days until our Father brings you all back home to us so we can love and care for you. Give sweet Micah a hug from me and tell him I cant wait to play him some "boogie woogie" music again. Much love!!! mala

  3. Thomas and Tina,

    Thank you for each update.
    You are in our hearts.
    Linda Arreguin

  4. I hope you had a nice Christmas. We all miss you very much and you're in our thoughts and prayers everyday. On a lighter note : you should really see Tony do the hula hoop on the wii. Hilarious!! Love you much. Tina Flowers