Tuesday, October 27, 2009

October 27 8:45 PM

Hello friends,
It has been a rainy several days here in St Louis.  Abigail said that if she didn't know better she would think that she were in England due to the grey skies and rain.   It's a good thing we like rainy days as we have to get out in it every day and God has been faithful to protect us as we travel back and forth each day.  Yesterday due to various wrecks my 7-8 mile trip took me 30 minutes : (  
Yesterday Micah was rather tired while I visited him due to waking up at 4 in the morning, but today he was wide awake and very happy to see everyone.  Grandma & Grandpa were also there with us today.  Micah, several times today stretched his left arm to touch several of us and when he saw how pleased we were, smiled and did it again when we asked him too!  When he got tired of that Samuel laid his hand on Micah's lap and asked him to "give me 5" and he then did that for a while. 

We still have not seen his tongue make an appearance, but a couple of times today he did suck up what was coming out of his mouth and swallow it!  Sorry, that was gross, but it's progress also.  It went into the Doc's notes. 

We  found out that the hospital is glad for us to take Micah on outings.  As long as they know ahead of time they will transport him wherever we want to go.  One big plus for this is that he can come to the house for the upcoming birthday parties!  We are very excited about that!  

As for the rest of us we are doing alright, but hate being apart.  We do have some very down times which are not always portrayed on the blog as we usually don't feel like blogging during those times, but are keeping our eyes focused on God.  One thing I have found is that no matter how deep of a "funk" I get into, if I can start singing praise to God He is faithful to pull me out.  Sometimes getting myself to sing takes longer than others, but eventually I get there.   He is the Far Out Friend that Frees Me From Funk and gives that joy down deep in my heart.  Thank you all for hanging with us and encouraging and praying for us.  We have been praying God's richest blessings for all of you!
Love you all,



  1. Miss you guys! We pray for you daily.

  2. I love the 'far out friend that frees me from funk', I will have to remember that. It is so wonderful that you guys can take Micah out. PTL!!! That will be fun. And...such another little miracle that he is swallowing!! God is so faithful and is here through it all with you guys!!! I do not know how people survive without the assurance of God!! He brings such peace in the hardest times!! Love you!!

  3. this is cathy robinson...just wanted to let you guys know that damon sits in your row faithfully every sunday. he misses the boys, and we can't wait to have you all back! glad micah is making such progress, and are still praying daily for your family. love you!

    I continue to pray for all of you and appreciate the time you take to keep us updated!!
    Your JEA friend,

  5. Honey this is grandma Betty, I know some of what you are in and I know God is faithful at all times. I get so excited when I get here on Tuesday so I can see what Micah has done. Micah I can hardly wait till I can have a big hug and one of your beautyful smiles Praying for all of you. I get excited about your progress. PRAISE GOD, ILOVE YOU GOD BLESS YOU Remember God has you in His hand Keep on keeping on looking foward to you being home soon. Betty Lovett

  6. Of course you all have times of discouragement. I am grateful to our funk-freeing friend for the times He gives you comfort and encouragement. We're glad to hear of Micah's weekly progress. We continue to pray that that progress will build upon itself and multiply. God is faithful, God is faithful. Thanks be to God