Wednesday, October 21, 2009

October 21 7 PM

Hi friends,
I pray that you are all doing well and have been able to avoid the swine flu.  We are settled back in the house and it is so good to be settled somewhere even if we are not all together.   I think that is probably the hardest thing for us right now, being split up.  Don't ever take time with your family for granted.  
Micah is doing well.  He has slept well the last two nights which always makes for a better day!  Yesterday we spent several hours with him as he was in a grand mood and it was beautiful outside.  He smiled and laughed, the kids took him for walks (and runs!) around the garden area.  He was very relaxed while we were there and ended up being out with us most of the day.  Today was good also, but not as good as yesterday.  He was a little irritable today but still managed to have fun with the kids.  His arms are becoming more relaxed and he is not so bad about drawing them up every time someone touches him.  The left arm will go almost straight and the right is still a bit tighter, but better than it was.  I have not yet heard if/when the doctor is thinking of giving the injection to help them further relax.  
We have been praying much for him while we're gone as we don't know who will be with him or what show they may park him in front of.  One funny thing he did the other day.... His Nurse Practitioner had brought him out of his room so that he could be around people, she took him to one of the TV areas and started flipping through channels trying to find something he would like.  In the midst of her search someone came and asked her a question which caused a pause in the search.  She said that Micah screamed at her and when she turned around Jerry Springer was on and he was mad!  She apologized to him and let him know that she didn't find that appropriate for anyone to watch!
He is more and more frequently stretching his left arm out when he does not like what you are doing to him, purposeful movement.  What we have been trying to get him to do on a regular basis is to stick his tongue out, yes you read that right!  We are encouraging our son to stick his tongue out at us.   It is all a part of the process of getting him to use all his facial muscles with the hope that he will start swallowing "purposefully" not just as a reaction.  If he can swallow then he may get to eat some food via the mouth.  So along with the arms please start praying for Micah to stick out his tongue and to swallow.  Sounds like a strange prayer request doesn't it!
We are praying every day for a miracle, for Micah to get up and walk, but are also taking time to rejoice in the "little things".  It is so easy for us to look over the little things in life, isn't it?  I don't know why, they are just as much a miracle as the big things.  I believe that if we cannot marvel at the "little things" that God does for us each day that we will never truly be able to fully appreciate the "big things".   Think about our bodies, made up of so many "little, amazing things", if those little things don't work they can cause big problems.  
I see how much effort it takes for Micah to stretch his arm out or make a noise, how much more would be involved in picking something up or talking.  Honestly, if I went to see Micah tomorrow and he said, "Hi Mom!" I think I might quite possibly pass out!  I was reading in Ephesians today that God has predestined us, according to His will.... to be to the praise of His glory.  Even at this stage in our lives when we want to whine and complain (yes we do) we are to bring honor to the Creator.  No matter who we are or what we are going through we were all created to do one thing, to praise the One that created us.  To bring honor to His name is our ultimate high calling, don't miss it.  Thank God for a "little thing" today.
Blessings to you all,


  1. Glad to here from you guys again. We knew last week was going to be difficult. Glad you are back at the house. We will be praying specifically that Micah sticks out his tongue and will rejoice with you when he does. I am already rejoicing over these other "little" improvements. Looking forward to seeing them multiply!

  2. so happy to hear about all the improvements; ...WONDERFUL to hear about everything! know we're praying all the time :-)

    we miss you bunches and can't wait to see your sweet faces.

    love you lots,
    sheila for all

  3. "The Lord is nigh unto all them that call upon Him,to all who call upon Him in truth, He will fulfill the desire of them that fear Him: He also will hear their cry and will save them."
    Psalms 145:18,19

    Loving you and praying for you,

  4. Hello, its always a blessing to read what you have to say Tina, yes we do forget the simple things in life that the Lord has blessed us with such as walking, talking and yes sticking our tounge out until they are gone. When we keep God's will in all we do He will provide all our needs. Love and Prayers to You, Micah and the family, The Louxs

  5. We praise and thank the Lord for the progress we read about Micah. Yes our God is good. He will bring him back to normal health.He is teaching us to pray!!and to wait too!! love, mummy.

  6. Good to hear that you might be settled for a couple of weeks and stay off the road. Praying for all of you. Please read this sentence and commit it to your heart. Repeat often it is very powerful.

    The will of God will never take you where the Grace of God will not protect you.

  7. I only know of you guys through a mutual friend, but I want you to know that I am deeply encouraged to read about your faith throughout this suffering. I love what you wrote about seeing God in the "small things" - what a great reminder. And when you wrote, "But we consider it an honor that He trusted us to honor Him with this difficult season in our life." I can't tell how much that means to me and I pray that if that kind of suffering ever comes to me or my family, that I will respond in the same way. God is using your story more than you can see and I guess I just wanted you all to know that I am praying for you guys and I am blessed through your writings :)

  8. I am praying for Micah to stick his tongue out! I remembered a catchy little song that we used to sing to the kids by Steven Green. "Keep your tongue from evil, keep your tongue, keep your tongue from evil, keep your tongue...and your lips from speaking lies, keep your tongue from evil, keep your tongue!"
    We can change it for Micah..."Stick your tongue out, Micah, stick your tongue, stick your tongue out, Micah, stick your tongue and your lips will praise our Lord, stick your tongue out, Micah, praise the Lord!!! O.k, I don't think that it will win awards..... :-)

  9. Tina - you are an inspiration on how to handle trials as we are exhorted to in James. I am confident God will work good through this - even thought we may not ever in our lives see what that is first hand.

    Get some rest and keep praying, we will.