Saturday, October 3, 2009

Oct 3, 12:10 am

Hello everyone,
It's been a long day today. I left home in Jackson at 7am to Nashville and headed for St. Louis from Vanderbilt about 10:45am. 5hrs on the road brought us to Ranken-Jordan (Pediatric Specialty Hospital) in St. Louis. The ride was uneventful (thank the Lord!).  Micah has been admitted here and we spent the first couple of hours talking to the doctors. The hospital is the coolest looking building inside and out. The doctors were really good to talk to. Micah shares a pod with 3 other people. His bed is near a window as we requested and he seems to like looking out the window. Once they get a routine going for him he will spend very little time in the room except to rest. I think there are less than 30 patients in residence, so he will be getting lots of attention from the doctors, therapists and nurses. As you know by now, his time with the rest of the family Thursday afternoon was really great. It was good to see those dimples again! The plan here is to slow down the thalamic storms and provide the right environment for his brain to relearn how to function again. There is no magic bullet here. Only the Lord knows how Micah will progress. Of course our prayer is that he gets up and says he wants to go home. So as he starts this new phase we expect the Lord to continue working miracles.
One other item of prayer and concern has been answered today. We had been looking for a place for us to live for the short term. Through some contacts with family and friends who came to see us in Nashville we were provided with a fully furnished house, rent-free, to use for our time here!  It is only about 15-20 mins away. Praise the Lord, He has prepared for our needs in advance! We received the word about this just as we were pulling out of Vandy this morning. So again the Good Shepherd leads us to still waters and makes us lie down in green pastures. Praise His name! Our family been so blessed by so many people through prayer, words of encouragement and gifts of service and in kind. May the Lord bless you richly for your kindness to us during this difficult time. I am spending the night with Micah so he will feel better in the new place. He seems to have settled down a little better after I came back from dinner and talked to him. I am very tired and will try to get some shut-eye. Maybe he will let me sleep!


  1. Hello, I just read the second blog. I know you are glad to get settled in. Sure hope things go great for Micah and the rest of the family.
    Your neighbors, Larry and Judy Pratt

  2. Praise the Lord!!! God is ALWAYS right on time!!! I am so happy for you guys to have a place to land for a while without having to deal with finding it, etc... We are praying for you all, love you, and again, wish we were close enough to be with you. God bless you all! Please tell Micah we are all praying for him and love him!!

    Sandy L.

  3. God amazes us everyday. So glad to hear that Micah will be receiving so much one on one care. While we will miss you here, we are grateful that you have found such an amazing place to help Micah in his recovery journey. ( I read up on Rankin Jordan ) Don't hesitate to call if you need us for anything, day or night. We love you, Tony & Tina

  4. soooo glad the home worked out; such an answer to prayer. excited micah's near a window and will get lots of 1 on 1 attention. so happy all his brothers and sisters will be able to see him often. God is good...all the time :-)

  5. Praise the Lord who makes ALL things work together for good for those who love Him and are called according to His purpose.
    Praying for you day and night.

  6. Hi Mohan, Praise God He went before you and prepared everything for you, we were all praying for that. Glad the facility is good & the people are nice there. We were praying also that God will provide for you in every way, thank God for that. Take care. May God continue to pour His Grace upon you. Shanti

  7. good deal! we're still praying, and we know you guys will be home soon! love you!
    ~the robinsons

  8. That is wonderful news! Small steps seem to have amazing outcomes. I think about you all every day and keep you in my prayers! Love you all.

  9. Hallelujah! So happy about the place to stay and being close to the center. The center sounds nice, and we will be excited to follow Micah's progress. Our prayers are with you guys always. I was glad to hear the description of Micah's time with his broher and sisters. We love you.