Monday, October 12, 2009

Ocotber 11 11:30 PM

Hello friends,
It has been a good and almost normal weekend for us.  It was nice to get to be together as a family again even if we had to go to the hospital to do it.  Micah has had a good last couple of days.  Since the decrease in meds I think that he has done a little more posturing (mild), but will most likely adjust to that in the next few days.  He is not saying anything yet, but has started mimicking some of the faces we make and has started holding his head up pretty good.  A couple of weeks ago that was not possible at all.  When we got to RJ today the speech therapist was working on his swallowing reflex with him, he wasn't doing much for her.  When she was done we took him to the meditation room and had church with him.  We had communion and Thomas gave him a cracker crumb and put drops of juice into his mouth, none of that came back out, it was swallowed!  Also during that time he reached out one of his arms (he has done nothing with his arms yet) halfway to his sister then pulled it back when she touched him.  
When we were done singing/praying we took him outside for a bit of sunshine.  He watched the kids playing and we took off his headrest and made him work his neck muscles, he did really good!  Later when one of the kids was standing by him a bee started flying around and he followed it the whole time, his eyes didn't leave the bee until it flew away!  These may sound like small things, but they are wonderful!  The therapists are very pleased with his progress.

Yesterday when we took him outside one of the little boys wanted to push Micah so dad let him.  He took off running!  When Thomas caught  & stopped them Micah had a big smile on his face!  
This next week is the week that we have to be out of the house for a few days so I will be taking the kids to my parents on Tuesday evening and then I will be going back and forth some so be praying for us.  Micah may have one day where I don't get to see him, not sure yet.  Also, not sure how much I will be able to get on the blog.  Thomas is headed back to Jackson tomorrow after a meeting with the doctors and others tomorrow morning.

The song, Amazing Grace, by Todd Agnew has taken on new meaning this week with all the rain we had!  It poured here and I have felt that God has poured out His grace on us just the same.  We pray everyday for Micah to be healed completely and are still able to be excited about the small things we see each day.   We know that all of the small things add up to bigger things.  Swallowing and making faces and opening the mouth are little things, but Micah is relearning to use muscles that he doesn't know how to use anymore.  When he learns to use those then eating and talking will be in sight.  Each day we thank God for the little things and give them to Him to work His wonders with because we know that God can do anything with nothing at all.  A friend told me that she was talking with someone about Micah and that person told her that if there really were a God, that little boy would not be lying in the hospital like that!  I can see how that could be a tempting place to go, but she is so wrong.  What satan meant for evil, God will use for good.  God will not let this be for nothing, of that I am sure.  We still miss our boy and long for the day when we here his voice again, but we also thank God that he is with us and that He is working for our good every day, just as He is yours.
We love you all and covet your prayers!


  1. Praise God for His mercy endureth for ever!mummy

  2. I love you Tina!! Thank you Jesus for all that has been restored thus far to Micah!!! I am so excited about what God is doing!! We continue to pray for him and you all!! Have a blessed week and I pray that the peace of the Lord rest on Micah while you are all gone. Love you to the moon :)!

  3. Goodmorning and glad to hear you all had a good weekend. Sounds like Micah is making progress and I do understand every little thing is an accomplishment and a sign from GOD-he is NOT finish with Micah. Please know I continue to pray, as well as Fancher and Carrie. Send all the kids love from "BIG MAMA"
    I have 11 godchildren and my grandbabies call me Big Mama, so I have added 7 more to my wonderful list of children that I would love to have call me BIG MAMA. Tina, I love you and admire your strength and your faith. I am glad you are one of God's children. LOVE SHaron Sargent Pettit

  4. WHAT WONDERFUL NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!
    It gives me chills to read about the big 'steps' that Micah is taking!! And to know all of you are TOGETHER!!
    My prayers go out to all of daily!!

  5. Hi Tina, just read the blog and it's the small things ("Step by Step")that you see. I am so thankful there is progress.
    Love your neighbors, Larry and Judy Prat

  6. Thank you God for all You are doing in Micah. You are with him. You are restoring him. Perhaps not in our time, but certainly in Yours. Thank you for the doctors and medication and a wonderful facility that can assist Micah with Your work in him. Thank you for loving parents who do not give up but still wait on the miracle You will provide. Thank you that you are the Great Physician and Healer. Thank you that we will see health restored to Micah. We love you, Lord, and praise You, even in this.


  7. ~Be faithful in small things because it is in them that your strength lies~

  8. We are celebrating all those small things...they're really big!!!!
    You are in our prayers continually.

  9. Thank you Tina for the regular updates which we read and are so blessed to be able to hear the voice of faith coming from you and Thomas. Yes theres is nothing impossible for our Lord and He is already working wonders day by day in Micah and your lives. love, Monachayan (George) and Eva , Delhi.

  10. Hello Tina and family, you all are in our prayers and our Heavenly Father sees what a wonderful Mother and Father you both are to these children, He is working wonders in Micah, each day is progress and a blessing. Keep up the good fight of faith. We love you all and are praying for you Allen, Michelle, and Alina

  11. Tina, It's so great to hear the progress! I couldn't help but laugh when I read of one of the boys pushing Micah's chair so fast! You all remain in our prayers & you know your church family will not cease praying for you all! We love you & miss you all!

  12. So glad to hear of Micah's progress. We continue to petition to our Lord for Micah's healing.

    Thank you for your postings. they are a blessing to us who read them.
    John and Nancy