Wednesday, September 23, 2009

September 23 9:30 AM

Good morning to you all,
I'm a little tired this morning, but will be alright.  Micah later into the evening was a bit restless and kept getting his legs stuck down the side of the bed.  He also slept with both arms across his belly last night, his protective stance.  The surgery doctors came in around 7 and said that everything looked good so the nurses would start feeding him again today, yeah!  I think his problem right now is that he is hungry, which is making him quite irritable.  

Someone had asked about our other children.  They are at their grandparents in IL right now having a great time.  They love to visit there and have been fishing and I think were going to go to a lake and go out on a boat.  Abigail caught a 2 ft. long catfish the other day!  I asked her if she ate it and she said, "No, gross!  I put it back in the pond!"  Her Ammachi will be heartbroken when she hears this.  Sometime this weekend they are going to go to my sisters house and visit with their cousins that they hardly ever get to see.  They are very excited about that!  I tried to talk to all of them yesterday, but then the surgery team showed up and whisked us away so I will try to finish that today, after Micah has had something to eat.  Maybe he won't be so grouchy on the phone then and can make some of his nicer noises.  I'm going to get out of the room for a minute before another doctor or therapist catches me.

How sweet the name of Jesus sounds
In a believer's ear!
It soothes his sorrows, heals his wounds,
And drives away his fears.

It makes the wounded spirit whole
And calms the troubled breast;
Tis manna to the hungry soul
And to the weary, rest.

- John Newton

Blessings to you all!


  1. Thank you for sharing Micah's daily world with these updates. God Bless Micah and your family Tina.

    Daniel Lynn

  2. tina, the song by rita springer was so beautiful. i'll print it out & read it to everyone. i called u on your cel yesterday but i think the phone was switched off, just to see how u are. have not been calling since u are also busy & didn't want to disturb. but we've been praying, all of us, also fasting off & on. God is able to heal Micah. I know the waiting part must be difficult for you as parents. but how God has kept u all these days, thanks be to Him! I wanted to call Ernie & Shirley & talk to the kids too but couldn't locate their # in any of my phone bks. take care. love u. shanti

  3. Dear Tina and Thomas,

    George and I are friends of your family in New Delhi. Many of us here in Green Park Free Church and our prayer groups are closely following Micah's condition from the beginning and upholding him and all of you in our prayers many times a day.

    He never sleeps (this is a song by Don Moen)

    When you've prayed every prayer that you know how to pray
    Just remember the Lord will hear and the answer is on its way
    Our God is able
    He is mighty
    He is faithful
    And He never sleeps He never slumbers
    He never tires of hearing our prayer
    When we are weak He becomes stronger
    So rest in His love and cast all of your cares on Him
    Do you feel that the Lord has forgotten your need
    Just remember that God is always working in ways you cannot see
    Our God is able
    He is mighty
    He is faithfu

    I know God will restore Micah's beautiful smile and provide him complete healing in His time. Be still and know that He is LORD

    Love and prayers,
    George, Mary, Vivek and Natasha

  4. thomas, tina, and micah,
    just wanted you to know that we are praying for you guys daily. i would've been taking your other kids pizza tonight, but i'm so glad they are getting to hang out with family and take their minds off of things that are going on. your strength and faithfulness right now is so contagious and convicting all at the same time. we love you guys a lot and pray for God's total healing on micah. please let us know of anything that we can do. do you have an email address, too? also, david stover is ben's step dad. i don't know if you guys made that connection. what an amazing and encouraging man he is. i hope that all of us can have dinner together some day. we love you
    peace of Christ,
    janie, ben, and the boys.

  5. Glad to hear that Micah gets to eat now. I would be cranky to if I had to have only liquids for so long. Also very wowed with Abigail's fisherman abilities. Still keeping you lifted up in prayer. Tina, just want you to know that you're the most beautiful woman I've ever met. Give Micah a hug from us. Tina F.

  6. glad to hear micah's surgeries went well! i've been praying for you guys! i'm working thursday and friday nights in picu so i'll try to come up for a visit. -Beth Crockarell