Wednesday, September 23, 2009

September 23 9:00 pm

I just wanted to let you know how Micah's day went.  The morning started with him kicking so hard that he was rocking the bed, there is nothing wrong with his legs!!  He was a little irritable most of the early morning, understandable after a surgery.  When the PT came in to work the muscles in his legs I was a bit worried that he would give her a kicking, but he relaxed and did quite well for her.  We then got him up in his chair and thank God I was watching because his whole face changed when he sat up!!  It was so wonderful to see, his eyes were happy which made mom very happy.   He got a good scrubbing today too which made everyone happy!  He is still experiencing some discomfort from the G-tube surgery but all in all he had a good day.   I was in the room almost the whole day today & had a friend with me and what I noticed was that he seemed to be more aware of his surroundings.  He was looking all around the room and at one point got a bit upset, I think that he maybe realized his room was pink!  

We have received cards form all over and from people we have never met.  I try to read them all to Micah when he is awake.  We appreciate so much your love for us and the prayers that are being lifted to our Father in heaven on behalf of the son that He has entrusted us with.  There are literally thousands of people around the world praying for Micah!  That alone blows my wee little mind!!  Imagine what would happen if we could unite people to pray like this for the lost or for a city?  What kind of change could we make in our own little towns if we were to unite with our brothers despite the names in front of our churches and pray in agreement for our cities.  I think much more could be accomplished this way than boycotting a product or store would ever do.  We pray and change the hearts of the people one by one.  

When the neurologists were checking Micah they were always looking for what they called purposeful movement.  It's not a reaction, but a purposeful response to a given situation.  They did not want to see him pull away when hurt, they wanted to see him go after what was hurting him.  I think that there is a good lesson in that for all of us.  We need to quit reacting to all the things happening around us and start making some purposeful responses.  In our case that would be purposeful prayer.   I'm going to attempt to explain this in "sporting terms":  A good defensive player will block the offensive players, but will most likely be giving up a little ground each time as he is waiting for the play to come to him.  A great defensive player will be ever watching and able to anticipate the offensive teams moves as they unfold and thereby keep them from advancing.  They will make purposeful movement to keep the opposing team from advancing.   When fighting a battle we cannot take a stance and wait to be hit, we must come out swinging.  

Sorry, I didn't mean to get so long and preachy, but I've had this purposeful movement thing stuck in my head for the last couple of days and thought I should share it.  May the Lord bless each of you with the warrior spirit that you will need to fight the good fight each day.


  1. Hi Tina and Thomas
    Still praying for your family. I see you still have that great attitude, that God is in Control. Yes, he most definately is in control.One day you will understand the why,s that you have been asking. It's in God's hands.
    Love all of you, your neighbors, Larry and Judy Pratt

  2. About to go to bed, but just wanted to let you both know that I'm still praying. And God is on His throne.


  3. Awesome miracle in progress! Still believing and praying with you and for you!

    We love and appreciate your family!

    The Davis's

  4. Tina and Thomas,
    I will am still praying for the mircle for Micah. Also for strength for you to be the caregivers you need to be to him. We prayed for Micah and you at Bible study last night.
    In His Love,
    Loyce Ann Frankland

  5. we are so encouraged each time we read a post...glad micah got that good scrubbing! we look forward to seeing your family again.

    ~the robinson's

  6. Hi Tina and Thomas -
    I was so impacted when Thomas said this week that you were knocking on the doors of heaven with a sledgehammer. Last night at youth we took that stance and together we began to bang on the doors of heaven on behalf of Micah and any other mountains that were facing each of them. We sang: "Savior - He can move the mountains - my God is mighty to save - He is mighty to save - Author of salvation - He rose and conquered the grave - Jesus rose and conquered the grave"
    Micah and your whole family are constantly in our prayers. We love you!
    Lindsey and Jeremy Young
    (and all the Glare youth at FWC)

  7. Great to hear of Micah's progress. Each morning I check the blog and give the family an update. We are continuing in prayer with you. Love to you all--the Hartigs

  8. But You O Lord are a shield for me,
    My glory and the One who lifts up my head.
    Ps. 3:3

  9. I prayed these verses for both Stephanie and Micah today. I love them in the King James. Job is strangely comforting to me and though the context of these verses are spoken in Job's position of despair about man's condition I find a great deal of hope in them.

    Job 14:7-9
    "For there is hope of a tree, if it be cut down,
    that it will sprout again, and that the tender branch thereof will not cease.
    Though the root thereof wax old in the earth,
    and the stock thereof die in the ground;
    yet through the scent of water it will bud,
    and bring forth boughs like a plant."

  10. PS - Loved your "purposeful movement" insight!!!

  11. Your positive attitude is such a blessing to hear day by day! May the Lord bless you and your husband! Your attentiveness to your son's improvement is inspiring. Thinking and praying for Micah! Blessings, Brittany (PICU)