Tuesday, September 22, 2009

September 22 8:30 PM

Good evening friends,
I had thought today was going to be spent sitting in the room with Micah waiting on the docs. but it turned out quite different.  Thomas left this morning at 7:30 to head back to Jackson as we thought that it would be late afternoon or even tomorrow before Micah's surgery came around.  Instead, about 9:30 (just as Thomas got back to Jackson) a bunch of ladies showed up at the door, no warning at all, and said we're here to take Micah to the O.R.  I was a little upset with them, but what to do.  By 10 or a little after we had gotten to the holding room and did not get back to surgery til 12:30.  He was done by 1:50 and after another 1 1/2 hours I got to go back and see him.  By 5 we were back in out own room.  Everything went well, the tooth had already dislodged itself which I had suspected and to quote some scripture for you, "this to shall pass..." : )  Micah has been resting fairly comfortably since the surgery and will probably do so until tomorrow morning sometime.  

Probably the hardest part of the day for me, besides the waiting, was when I saw a little boy being wheeled out of the hospital in a wheel chair with a big smile on his face.  That's what I want to see, my boy leaving the hospital with a big smile on his face.  Micah is a very smiley boy and 12 days has seemed like an eternity.  " How long O Lord...?"

I have to believe that He sees my darkness  
I have to believe that He knows my pain
I have to lift up my hands to worship
Worship His name
I have to declare that He is my refuge
I have to deny that I am alone
I have to lift up my eyes to the mountains
It's where my help comes from
He said He's forever faithful
He said He's forever true
He said that He can move mountains
And if He can move mountains
He can move my mountains
He can move your mountains too
I have to stand tall when the wind blows me over
I have to stand strong when I'm weak and afraid
I have to grab hold, hold of the garments
Garments of praise 
I have to sing praise when the hour is midnight
He unlocks the chains that bind up my soul
My sin and my shame He has forgiven 
And made me whole
I have to believe

- Rita Springer

Blessings to each of you,


  1. Tina, You are not alone tonight. The Lord who neither sleeps nor slumbers is with you. This is a very, very old prayer which is so appropriate for you to pray in that hospital setting with so many all around you in various situations. It is by Augustine (who died in 430 so this prayer has been prayed by people for many, many years!)

    Watch, O Lord, with those who wake, or watch, or weep tonight, and give Your angels and saints charge over those who sleep. Tend Your sick ones, O Lord Christ. Rest Your weary ones. Bless Your dying ones. Soothe Your suffering ones. Shield Your joyous ones, and all for Your love's sake. Amen.

  2. More evening prayers...
    Calm me, O Lord, as You stilled the storm.
    Still me, O Lord, keep me from harm.
    Let all the tumult within me cease.
    Enfold me, Lord in Your peace.

    Thou Lord and God of power,
    shield and sustain me this night.

    I will lie down this night with God,
    and God will lie down with me;
    I will lie down this night with Christ,
    and Christ will lie down with me;
    I will lie down this night with the Spirit,
    and the Spirit will lie down with me;
    God and Christ and the Spirit,
    be lying down with me.

    The peace of God
    Be over me to shelter me;
    Under me to uphold me,
    About me to protect me,
    Behind me to direct me,
    Ever with me to save me. The peace of all peace be mine this night
    in the Name of the Father,
    and of the Son,
    and of the Holy Spirit.
    Amen (Northumbria Community)

  3. Sometimes I hesitate to post anything for fear you all get tired of me. However, you are so much in my thoughts. I lift up prayers for you all throughout the day. Tina...I don't know you. I work at JEA, and I don't really know Thomas that well except to know that he has always seemed to be a fine, Christian man and he's so nice and friendly each and every time you see him. But...Tina...I DO know a mother's love for I have two sons of my own. And I can't imagine what you must feel now.

    I listen to KLove, gospel praise & worship music, on my way to work and most days throughout the day. It lifts my spirits and gives me a better frame of mind throughout the day. It seemed this morning that all of the songs I heard spoke of God's love for us. As I've said, I think of you all very often and it seemed to me that God was saying in the midst of all of this...His love is there. One of the songs spoke of His love being a hurricane and us being the tree and how His wind bends us. God does love His children so. And while we don't know His purpose for all of this, I feel that His heart hurts for you guys. After all, He gave His son for us. He "feels" your pain. And as much as He would have liked to have spared His son the suffering, He knew that Jesus' suffering and death served a far greater purpose than sparing him that. Whatever the final outcome of this is for Micah, we have to believe that all of this serves God's purpose. I just pray that his ultimate purpose is served through the miraculous healing of Micah.

    May you all have a restful night and awaken refreshed in the Lord. I pray that God reach down and continue to heal and restore Micah. I pray that God's purpose for this is served for His glory.

    I so want to do something for you all. I don't know what to do except pray and try to encourage.

    Love to you all.


    PS It was good to see Thomas today.

  4. Good Morning Tina and THomas

    I think it would do all of us some good to say, "God, I don't know why You want me to carry this load. I can see no good in it and it's awfully heavy. But, if You want me to carry it, I will."

    God doesn't call the qualified, He qualifies the called.

    Yes, I do love GOD. He is my source of existence and my Savior. He keeps me functioning each and every day Without Him, I am nothing, but with Him....I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me. (Phil. 4:13)

    I thought the words would encourage you and give you all the strength you need for each and every day. MUCH LOVE-Sharon Sargent Pettit