Monday, September 28, 2009

Monday, September 28th, 3:30am

Today has been a rough day.  We started out this morning trying to get some physical therapy going but Micah wasn't responding too well so we decided to let him rest. He was restless and kicking in a rhythmic fashion pretty much all morning. We had some company who prayed some heartfelt prayers for us around noon. In the afternoon his temp began to rise slowly but steadily. Around 5pm Micah gets his dose of medicine that keeps his posturing under control and he was somewhat calm. They drew some blood for cultures, spinal fluid to check for meningitis and urine to check for infection.  He accidently pushed on his G-tube and it is not where it is supposed to be. They cannot get anything in or out through his G-tube. This causes another set of problems since all of his food and medication and going in that tube. So after his dose at 5 (which we are assuming went to the right spot) we are in a state of limbo while trying to figure out what to do without the G-tube. Meanwhile his temp has been climbing and he is hyperventilating (heart rate over 180) which goes on for about a couple of hours. Finally the floor docs go for help and get a doc from critical care (who happened to be the one who was on call most of the time when Micah was in the same unit). The G-tube is unusable till surgery re-operates so they get permission to put an NG tube in just for meds. He is finally back on his cycle of meds and stabilizing. His spinal fluid, urine all come back negative for infection. He is first on schedule for surgery in the morning if all holds steady. I have been on my feet from 5pm to past 2am, most of the time holding Micah's hand to prevent him from further stressing his G-Tube. It has been a long day! I sent Tina to bed  a while ago. The Lord is blessing her with sleep.
   During all this time I have been having a conversation with the Lord about how He thinks this particular episode is supposed to bring glory? I don't have an answer. But I do know one thing - I can trust Him. See, I hear this undercurrent in conversations here about how we need be realistic in our expectations and plan to see normal results with Micah's situation. You see, I am not content with that. If all I can expect of God is what normal can offer, I should hang up my Christianity and move on to something else! If all we can expect of God is what man can see and do then we are of all men to be pitied. Jesus call us to believe that all things are possible and our first expectation should be to see the impossible happen. Even if we don't see it, we should not expect or believe any less of Him. Our calling is always to excellence and to the supernatural. So I have faith and believe that my Lord with work everything out for good - for He is good. It may not always be the results or methods that I prefer but as long as it is His doing, IT IS GOOD. God is faithful and He can be trusted to do the best thing for us and with us.
I am going to try and get some sleep!


  1. I am praying for both of you to give you rest,peace and comfort today as Micah faces all that is to come today. I pray for the doctors to make the right decision on what is best for Micah but mostly that GOD heals Micah so he can tell GREAT stories for the Lord how he battled through all these trials and tribulations. GOD does have something planned for Micah. LOVE and Blessings to all and may your anxiety go away today to focus on what God has planned today. LOVE YOU BOTH MUCH, Sharon Sargent Pettit

  2. Hi Mohan, that was a long day! Hope you were able to sleep after.Glad Tina could rest too. This is exactly what I've been feeling too about Micah, for God to do His excellent work in Micah's life! Not to expect little but great things. God is watching everything & hearing all of the prayers sent out for him,so as you said we need to trust Him. In the meantime we pray for strength, for the whole family esp. to both of you to manage everything. We thank God for Shirley & Ernie & other friends & family who've been there for you at this time.One friend prayed for Micah,'Let His kingdom come in Micah's life'.Another called 6AM today & told me to pass on to you about the miracle in Lazarus story for Micah.
    your loving sis Shanti

  3. Praying this morning that God would sustain you.

    Your friends, Julian and Sheila

  4. Thomas & Tina,
    Stephanie and I just prayed for you before she left for school and me to a computer class. With love, with tears, with faith and hope and even impatience (me) we pray for you.
    We are asking God to give you His strength when you must be so very weary in yourselves.
    I have asked the Lord to give Micah his own story of mighty deliverance from this time. I want to be there when he tells it.
    Much love, Melanie

  5. Thomas, I was so moved by your boldness in these words. Billy and I have been following Micah's progress and praying for him since hearing of his injury. I was praying tonight and read this scripture. I immediately thought of you and your faith filled words. Acts 2:24 "But God raised Him up, liberating Him from the pangs of death, seeing that it was not possible for Him to continue to be controlled or retained by it." (Amp.). We stand with you in your faith!!
    Love, Billy and Christian