Monday, September 14, 2009

Monday 14th 12:37 PM

Good morning friends, we had another good night.  Towards evening Micah started moving around a bit and was really irritated by the breathing tube, so much so that they had to give him a mild sedative.   All doctors have cleared the removal of his neck brace and we had hoped that it would be done by now, but we have to have specific docs to do that and so are waiting on them.  Once that is done, he did so well with the breathing trial from yesterday that they have no doubt that he can breathe on his own and are going to do a trial extubation (take out the breathing tube).  As long as the tongue and other muscles in that area do what they are supposed to do then it will remain out.  after that then he will come off of the sedative and we will see what happens from there.  A speech therapist told us that she will be by to see him after that.  So many specialists in one place makes for a lot of waiting.  I had hoped to be posting this after all these things had been done. 
Pastor Sherry had told Thomas that we needed to start a Faith Book since everyone was so much into the electronic technology so I'm going to try to include more than the doctor blah, blahs when I post as time permits.  Last night while I was sitting in the room with Micah I was going over the past few days in my mind wondering how I made it through.  I was trying to remember what I had read Thursday morning in my Bible etc...  The scriptures that got me through that first 12 hrs. (sorry I don't have a Bible in the computer room with me) were 1) Ps. 73  3 verses at end of chapter.  Whom have I in heaven but You... 2) I will keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on Me.  This last one was a big one for me the first few hours as there was literally a whirlwind of activity and emotions around me and a thousand things trying to crowd into my mind.  When I got out my Bible and devotional book that I had been reading I found that those two verses were in that days reading!  I was overwhelmed at how God had put those into my heart that day and a song called "Peace, Perfect Peace"  He was preparing me.  The second evening, Stephanie & I were praying for Micah and God kep reminding me what a beautiful baby Micah was when he was born over and over.  I sat down for a while and tried to listen to what God was saying to me and this is what I heard, "When Micah was born to you he was beautiful, when he was born into My family he was beautiful to Me.  This is another birthing process for Micah and he will come out beautiful on the other side.  I have felt that almost from the beginning I've known what the end will be, but the process is still difficult and it is still hard to listen to doctors.  We know that they are only doing their jobs so we don't get upset with them but do take time to pray over Micah every time they leave the room and declare God's promises over Micah's life and give honor to the one that knit together every cell in his body.  The doctors have to tell us what they see, that is their duty, but they have also said the brain is so incomprehensible that we can't say anything definitely.  Our prayer for Micah has been that God would knit together those weak spots and call forth every cell in his body to do what they were created to do which is to worship their maker.  We were created to worship You Lord.
Blessings to you all!


  1. We are continuing to pray for Micah and your family daily. It's good to hear the updates.
    -Landon and Stacy Preston

  2. Micah and you guys are in our prayers. Thanks for keeping us up to date. Thomas, your buddies in JAMA are truly here for you. Please know that. God bless you all.

    Terry Hunley

  3. Everyone's praying for that baby and you guys here at Deaton's Carpet One. If you need anything, please let us know.

  4. can't wait to hear more great news! children are always stronger than we give them credit for...all of your children are so beautiful and blessed...and God has His angels around each and every one. love you dearly!

    ~the robinson's

  5. All things came into being by Him, and apart from Him nothing came into being that has come into being. John 1:3

    And so Micah came into being. God's plan is divine, and I am praying for you each daily for peace, healing and understanding.

  6. Lord we THANK YOU for Micah -- thank you thank you thank you!!!

  7. My prayer continues to be based upon God's incomparable greatness: Lord, 'Who is like you?'
    majestic in holiness,
    awesome in glory,
    working wonders?
    Exodus 15:11

    O Lord God Almighty, who is like you?
    You are mighty, O Lord, and your faithfulness surrounds you. Psalm 89:8

    Praying the Lord will bless you and keep you. Make his face to shine upon you, turn his face toward you and be gracious to you. And give you peace.

    All God's blessings and healing upon you and Micah.


  8. We will continue to pray for you in your time of need. Your faith is beautiful and inspiring to all of us. God be with you. Please let us know we can assist in any way.
    In Christ,
    Barry Cross

  9. We are praying for Micah and you guys at First Methodist. I can't imagine the challenges your family is going through right now, but I am amazed at the strength of your faith and your willingness to be in community during this difficult time. We will all be here for you to help in any way.

  10. Tina, even in the midst of your circumstances you are such a great blessing. It's so wonderful to see your faith and strength during this time of waiting. What a wonderful testimony you will have to help someone else one day. We never cease praying and we love you very much.
    Tony & Tina

  11. Thomas we are desperate in our prayers for you and your family. God is certainly able to bring Micah through this and you as well. The roller coaster ride of the hospital must be so difficult. Susan and I were out of town until last night. We certainly join with all of Jackson in offering our help and love. May God be the lifter of your head. We love you, Randy and Suan

  12. Still praying for you all and admiring your trust and faith in Him! May God give you all a restful evening and continued good news.

    Love you all

    Lottie Long

  13. God has gripped us with Micah's situation. We are continually taking him and your entire family before His throne. Be encouraged, God knows and He is faithful! We are STANDING with you guys from Thailand!
    John, Sandy, Madaline, Lake, Gabriel and Moriah Lovorn